Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Callye!! :)

May 1st is a special day in our family! Callye has ALWAYS made sure it was! :) 

Today is my big sister's 29th birthday! Although, she is NOT happy about the number!

I am so proud of Callye! She is so determined and so strong willed! 

She has always been there for Hilary and me! She has babysat us, given us our baths (when we were WAY younger!), washed our clothes, done our chores, threatened to move us in with her and Brad when we were "wild", put us in our place, and much more. She has literally been our second mom our whole lives! 

Callye is funny, sweet, gorgeous, and strong. She is a great mom and a great big sis. I am so blessed to have a big sis like her! 

Thank you, Callye! You are such an amazing big sister and I am SO proud of you! 

And thanks for giving our family such a sweet brother and a sweet niece! 

Happy 1st annual 29th birthday! :)

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