Thursday, October 13, 2011

Down Syndrome

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. 

I have loved people with DS since I was a young girl. 

Teagan. Orphan in Asia.

There was one special little boy in our church that had that little extra chromosome and he had a LOT of extra precious-ness and Love to give. 

Henry. El Salvador.
He taught me a lot about people with special needs. And boy, are they SPECIAL! :) 

Nahum. El Salvador.

Many people are scared of that diagnosis. Just about every woman is tested for that while pregnant and I'm sure each one prays and hopes that the tests come back negative for that.

Abigail. Orphan in Eastern Europe.

While DS does bring other medical conditions, what most people don't realize is how much more blessing it brings, too.

Anastasia. Orphan in Eastern Europe.
People with DS bring unconditional love, happiness, sweetness, and pure joy to families that are blessed to have these people in their families. 

Doug. Orphan in China.
Sadly, though, many women who are pregnant with a baby with DS will terminate their pregnancy. And in other countries when women have their babies with DS they give them up for adoption. 

Holly. Orphan in Eastern Europe

These women and families are just not TOLD enough of how precious these darlings are. They are only told that something is "wrong" with their baby. That their baby is "different" and "unhealthy". 

Kyle. Orphan in Eastern Europe

With this statistic there are TONS of orphans who are only orphaned because of their diagnosis of Down Syndrome. 

Maxim. Already transferred.

Some of these babies I have met and loved on personally. 

Doris. Oprhan in El Salvador

Let me tell you firsthand, these children are MORE than precious. That teach you so much on how to love unconditionally and live life to the fullest. I am a firm believer that we should live MORE like them.
Miguel. Orphan in El Salvador.

All of these faces that you see are orphaned children. They are mainly orphaned for the sole reason of them having Down Syndrome. 

Catherine. Very close to being transferred or already transferred to institution.

The ones from Reece's Rainblow will be transferred to an adult mental institution once they turn 5. 

These children will most likely perish in these institutions without any love, care, or attention. ONLY because they have Down Syndrome.

Kennedy. Already transferred.
Some of these faces you see have already been transferred.

These children did NOT choose to be born with Down Syndrome. God did NOT make a mistake when He made these children.

Bennett. Orphan in Eastern Europe.

He knew them while they were in their mothers' wombs. He has a specific purpose for their lives. It is OUR job as Christians and as the church to make sure these children have a chance to fulfill their purposes. 

 Heath. Transferred for 3 years! Heath is not a recent transfer. He has lived in the stifling boredom of institution life for a long time. He has lost the vivacity of life at the baby houses. In his three years at the institute, he has been given nothing of his own. He has not seen a book or a toy. He has never been gathered into anyone's loving arms. He is a very lonely little fellow in desperate need of love and comfort.

Go visit and check out some of these children.  RR advocates for these children and helps families adopt these children and bring them into a loving family. 

Angelia. Orphan in Eastern Europe. Been transferred to an institution for 5 years!!

Adopt one, advocate for one, pray for one. We can't fix the orphan crisis. But we CAN fix the life of an orphan.
Vilis. Orphan in Eastern Europe.
And next time you know someone who is having a baby with Down Syndrome, don't tell them you're sorry, tell them CONGRATULATIONS. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God is SO cool!

I shared with you about Christian a few posts ago... if you didn't read it, do it NOW! :) 

Since Mom left El Salvador she has been on the hunt for a new chair for him. His was just NOT cutting it (as you can tell from the picture). 

She has been in contact with several people and places.

She was emailed, called, and everything she knew to do. 

She was DILIGENT. 

AND it paid off! 

We found Christian a chair!!!! :)

The Therapy and Learning Center in Jackson, TN donated a chair for us to have! 

They are AWESOME!!!!!! 

The chair is perfect. :) 

It is in GREAT condition, it is comfortable, has head support, and reclines! 

He is GOING to LOVE it. I pray. 

And I pray that he has more SMILES and LAUGHS to go along with his new chair! :) 

Now, we just have to get it there! It's huge and bulky! Please pray that the airlines will be gracious and generous with us transporting this chair! It is SOOOO important! :) 

Just thought I'd leave ya with a couple more smiles! Those smiles mean more to me than anything at this point! :) I have a video of him laughing but I can't seem to find it to upload it! :( 

Just go back and look at that first picture I put of him on this post and then come back and look at the last few! Doesn't even look like the same kid! That's what LOVE does! :) 
And I can't wait to share some more! :)

God is SO cool to allow me the blessing of meeting these kids and improving their lives! :) I can't WAIT to be back in El Salvador! 

And P.S. I want to share as much about my trip as possible while I'm  home... If you have or know of any churches, groups, classes, or whatever that would like me to come share, let me know! I LOVE to tell people about these children that are so dear to my heart and most importantly to God's heart! :)

P.S.S. Sorry about this random post with lots of smiley faces and exclamation marks and CAPS but I'm EXCITED about this!!! :) haha.