Friday, December 30, 2011


This year has sure been a crazy, wild, amazing, FAST, blessed, and trying year! 

I did things this year that I never dreamed I would do. 

Like- total my car, live in a foreign country for 3 months, quit my job without finding a new one, go to Florida 3 times, etc. 

I will recap my year with pictures... Enjoy :) 

These are not in any kind of chronological order! 

Sweet boy went to Heaven in May. I miss him!

Hanging out with the Compton boys :)

Spending time at my dad's house with Jaime, Manny, Callye, and Gracie.

Family time!

Visiting with sweet girls in Paducah!

Loving on my Ann

Sunday afternoon adventures with Gunner, Jaime, and Manny!

Easter Sunday.

Said goodbye to Cheston and all of my "kids" and friends at Ridgemont!

Watching Gracie turn 4! 

They are all growing up! Love them!
Celebrating Hilary's birthday :)

Celebrating Callye's birthday! :)

So typical.

Love my sisters!

And my brother-in-law!

Cook-outs at Grandpa's house
Cheesecake factory :)

Malarie and I at a St. Louis Cardinals game!

My friend Joseph got married :)

Went to Florida with Mom, Callye, Gracie, and Manny.
I miss my sweet kids at Ridgemont!

Manny had a great time playing baseball this year :)

Celebrated with Hannah as she got engaged and graduated from college!

Downtown Disney with Manny!

Billy Currington/Kenny Chesney concert with Callye and Brad

Souled Out!

One of my d-groups this year :)

My other group of girls! It was my last year to be a d-leader! :(
Spending time with the kids in El Salvador!

Celebrated my 25th birthday (a few times) in El Salvador!

Spent some time with my friends in Columbus when I got home from El Salvador!

Hanging out with Manny :)

Jaime :)

Manny's 10th birthday party!

Visiting Ann on her 93rd birthday!

Went back to El Salvador in December :)

Gracie riding the float in the Christmas parade :)

My first Christmas with Clint :) 

My sister and her pregnant belly... Baby Reid :)

Christmas with Gracie :)
:) Christmas with my crazy family... 

I had a really great year! I can't believe it is over...

I know 2012 is going to be a great year! I know it will come with hardships but I also know it will come with blessings. And I am choosing now to grow from the hardships and be thankful for the blessings!! :)

Happy New Year!!!