Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm going back!

Ever since I made it home in September, I've been trying to plan my return to El Salvador. I would plan for this date through this date and it wouldn't work.... then this date through this date and again it wouldn't work. I started getting really frustrated with it. 

My friend Malarie was planning to go with me, atleast for a week or so, and nothing we planned worked for her either. I had just about given up on going before Christmas. I was sad, frustrated, and just irritated with myself. 

I couldn't figure out if I wanted to miss Christmas at home or if I wanted to be home for the holidays. I didn't have the money. There were church things I didn't want or need to miss. Things with Manny, Gracie, Malarie's niece... all things we wanted to be home for. 

I didn't want to go for just a week or so. I wanted to be able to stay longer. 

Finally, I realized that this whole time I was trying to plan when I wanted to go and how long I wanted to stay. I had not consulted the Lord on when He wanted me to go back.

I quit trying for a few days and just relaxed and prayed some about what the Lord wanted, not what I wanted. 

I finally realized that it didn't matter if I only stayed a couple weeks. If that is what the Lord wanted me to do then that was exactly what I should do. 
Things started falling into place. We figured out some dates to go and they worked for both Malarie and myself. 

We had been keeping an eye on the plane tickets both waiting to get our money together before we bought them... Finally I decided to buy mine. When I had looked that afternoon the tickets where the same price they had been for a week or so. That night when I clicked to buy it they had gone down 150 dollars each! What a blessing. I called Malarie and at that price she had the money to buy hers, too. 

With the help of some very generous people, my plane ticket was bought and I have money to take with me to El Salvador. All it took was for ME to stop trying so hard and just ask the Lord for His help and guidance. 

I mess up so many things by trying to do what I want to do and what I think is right. When will I ever learn? 

My very generous boyfriend is taking Malarie and I in the wee hours of Monday morning to catch our flight in Memphis.  We catch our flight at 6 AM and will arrive in El Salvador by 1:30 that afternoon. 

I honestly can NOT wait to get my hands on some of those sweet kids in ES. I have missed them more than I realized. 

We will be there for 12 days. 12 days doesn't seem that long to me, especially after being there for 3 months this summer. But I know that is what the Lord has planned for us and I am so excited. It is going to be an awesome 12 days!

And we get to take Christian his wheelchair!!! I am so so excited to take it to him. Please pray with me that this wheelchair will make his life so much better! :) I can't wait to see him and love on him again!! 

There are so many kids that I can NOT wait to see again. I hope they know how much I love them! :) I plan on telling them and showing them non-stop for 12 days!!! :) 

And I want to give a MAJOR thank you to everyone who has given me money, donated diapers, clothes, jewelry for the workers, bought cakes and pies, and prayed for me and the children through this time! I have so much to take this time that I may only have room to pack and just wash about 2 outfits for the whole 12 days! The kids and workers of these centers are gonna be so blessed with all of your generosity! THANK YOU! :)

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