Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are here!

We left Union City in the pouring down rain about 2:30 Monday morning. We flew out of Memphis at 6. Our flights were smooth and customs was easy. And we didn't have to pay for Christian's wheelchair! What a blessing that was! We were told it would be $200, so now we have that money to feed the homeless! :) 

We had 4 large suitcases, one small suitcase, 2 backpacks, and a HUGE wheelchair to get out of the airport yesterday. It was a job and there were tons and tons of people outside of the airport for some reason so it was tricky to get through... but we made it. :) Kurt and Orsy picked us up and we went straight to Wendy's to get some lunch. From there, we took our luggage to the mission house and headed straight for CIPI!

It was so nice to see familiar faces in the kids and the tias and I am pretty sure they were excited to see me! We visited the toddlers and babies first. There were TONS of kids in there. And only a few that I recognized. Those kids move in and out pretty quick. 
Then we went to the teen moms! I got to see sweet Alejandra and her baby, Axel! She was sooooooo excited to see me. I didn't think she was ever going to let go. :) She asked about Hilary, who she LOVES, and my mom. It was so good to see her again. 

We went through and saw the teenage girls for a few minutes. I was happy to see them! A few of my friends had left or been moved so I was sad to not see them, but hopefully they are happy and healthy!

And FINALLY we went to the special needs area! We went there last because we all KNEW if we went there first that would be the only place we went! :) Ahh... It was so good to be home! I love that area and those kids. I got a good hug from Nelson and then I went straight for my baby Machado. He immediately smiled and tried to bite me! haha. He knew me. :) 

Malarie got broken in pretty quick by Fernando! He kissed her, tried to get in her purse, pulled her earring out of her ear, and pulled her hair! Welcome to the special needs area! :) But she took it like a champ and loved on those kids like it was second nature! Then she got her hands on sweet Marvin and I didn't think she'd ever put him down! 

We were invited to go out to eat Pupusas with another missionary family here and so I wanted Malarie to experience the real Salvadoran food! She didn't like it!! haha. They also had a HUGE tree decorated for Christmas... with Chinese lanterns.... haha! Only in ES! But it was pretty! 

Mal and I in front of the big tree!

Choco-bananas are really popular here in ES! So we had to get one for dessert!

The "Christmas Tree" :)

We came home last night and crashed! We were so exhausted. We slept in this morning so that we didn't start out our trip too tired! But we are ready to get going to love on some more babies! :) Pray for us that we will have energy and an unending supply of hugs and kisses! :) 

And just to make y'all at home a little jealous! :) It is beautiful here!

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