Thursday, September 30, 2010

Post of many topics :)

So, yeah, I've been slacking on my blog. I look at it every day and think to myself, "You need to blog"...but I don't. I read everyone else's instead. :) There are a lot of awesome things going on with my blogosphere friends.

Number 1- Aaron  is home!!! :)

Don't you remember my post about Aaron? Well, the Lord has brought them all home safely! :) That is so awesome!

Number 2- The Salems' had a fundraiser for sweet Yulia from Reece's Rainbow. The Salems adopted 2 little girls from the same orphanage as Yulia and saw how desperate her situation was. She is literally living in a crib. Her time is running short and she will soon be transferred to an institution. She will not survive. But the awesome news is that in 5 short days The Salems GOD raised $20,000!!! So whenever (this is what we're praying for) her family finds her they're adoption expenses will be pretty much covered!!! :)

Number 3- While looking through Reece's Rainbow the other day, I saw something sad. Well, all of it is sad. But I noticed that my Catherine (a little girl who I am prayer warrior for) was moved to the "Older Girls" page. :( Do you know how many people will overlook her now that she is considered "older"?! Her time is so crucial. She cannot stop herself from getting older! :( I am not giving up faith yet. The Lord has a family for her, I know it!
Isn't she a doll?!
Number 4- In 48 hours, I will be in El Salvador!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) I know that I posted a LOT about wanting to go back in October. Well, The Lord provided (through a few VERY generous and obedient givers) and I am going. And I can't wait. I want it to go by slowly, though! I want to have LOTS of time to love on the kids! :) I can't wait to see my Carlos!

And Douglas,

and Daniel,

and Samuel,

and NoNo, and Antonio,

and Ernesto,

and Salvador,

and Henry,

and Jose,

and Luis,

 and Fransisco,

and Wilbur,
and Michelle,

and all of the others! haha. :)

And ya know, sometimes I feel so far from the Lord. In those times, deep down, I know He has not gone anywhere. It's me. For some odd reason, I stray. Why, oh why do we stray from the One or ones who love us the absolute most?! Is it because we know Their love is unconditional? I just don't get it. The One who has done the MOST for me is the One who I don't have time for! It is just ludicrous. Each day, I am striving to get my prayer life where it should be. Each day, I am striving to get my time in with the Lord. Each day, I am taking it one day at a time. I fail so badly, though. I just don't get why He puts up with me. But man, I am glad He does! One thing I do know is that He has put a passion in my heart, and I must follow it. I'm following it to El Salvador for now. For this week. But, that's not gonna be it. I feel it. This passion of orphans is gonna stick around for a while. It's a case that doesn't go away. It's a case that the Lord is broken over. So, we must be broken over it, too! How are we to do HIS work without feeling a portion of what He feels? I am going. I am following. I am listening.

And.....I think I'm caught up now! :) I plan on posting from El Salvador so stay tuned!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trent Monk Concert!! :)

Do you like Christian music?!

Do you like helping orphans?!

You can enjoy both by attending the Trent Monk concert! It's on October 21st at 6 PM. The doors open at 5 PM. A $5 donation is asked per person to aid Starfish Orphan Ministry!!! $5 is NOT much to pay to attend a Christian Concert!! Please come out and support! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

You weren't an accident...

You weren't mass produced...
You weren't an assembly-line product...

You were deliberately planned,

specifically gifted, 
and lovingly positioned on the earth...

by the Master Craftsman.  
Max Lucado (The Christmas Candle)

In John 9, the Bible tells us about a man who was blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus response was, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”
Maybe it's your family that God has called to change the world of an orphan.

** I saw this on another blog and couldn't help myself from adding in our sweet El Salvador children....**

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pray for Aaron....

and for Aaron's family!!! ***UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!*** After being awake at 4 a.m. and praying for this family and checking their blog 923732 times this morning they had a post about court!!! They were in court for 5 hours!!!!! A grueling five hours, they said. 5 hours of them asking and drilling them with all the things they could. They had about decided that they were going to get a "no" or a postponement. BUT finally the judge looked at them and said these words..."I feel God led you to adopt this boy, so I feel God leading me to decide in your favor!" That, my friends, is the Lord God Himself softening hearts and doing His thing. Glory to God! So, Aaron will officially be their son, on Sept. 20! I'm not sure if they are going to stay in Eastern Europe until then or come home and go back. If they do come home, that will be 3 trips there and back! So, definitely keep praying for them!!!

Aaron is an adorable little boy in Eastern Europe.... another Reece's Rainbow prince! Aaron is already in an institution. :( But because of Molly, Aaron has a family now!! Molly found Aaron on RR and just knew that she had to help find his family. Well, The Nalles' stepped forward!! They have worked SO SO SO hard to get Aaron home. They are over there right now on the 2nd, and hopefully last, trip. You see, Aaron is in a region that has NEVER had an adoption take place. They don't know anything or have any other adoptions to compare it to. Aaron is going to have to go to court with them and be asked if he wants to have them as his parents. Aaron will be scared and nervous since he has never spent much time outside of the orphanage or institute. They, facilitators in the country included, really don't know what to expect from court. They have all the faith that the judge and other people involved will legally make Aaron a part of this family. This is all gonna go down about 3 a.m. our time tonight (well technically tomorrow) but while you're sleeping!! PLEASE PLEASE join us in praying that the judge will see how much love the Nalles' have for Aaron and how much they want him as a son!!!! Aaron HAS to get out of the orphanage in order to LIVE. Please click here to check out their blog!!!

You can tell here that Aaron's "disability" is physical. He is mentally FINE! So it is SO crucial that he get out of that institution! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Praise! :)

Do you remember Jessie?? The little girl that I was a "warrior" for back in March?? I asked you to consider donating to her adoption fund? Some of you did! Some of you prayed for her! Well, guess what I found out!!!! She has a FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) I am so happy!!! This goes to show you that nothing is in vain when God tells you to do something! Her family seems so SWEET! Jessie will actually be "Sarah" when she gets home with her family! :) And she has an older brother and an older sister!!! She will be so LOVED! :) You can visit her family's blog here. Here is what Reece's Rainbow says about her new family!
Andy and Shelly both grew up in Lima, Ohio, but met while Shelly was teaching for Andy’s father.  Four years later, they were married. After living in Pittsburgh for a year, they relocated to the Columbus, Ohio metro area.  Shelly is an elementary teacher, with a passion for helping students make a difference in the world around them.  Andy is an Applications Development Manager for an analytical instrumentation company.    He loves adventures and traveling.  They have two children, Addyson 7, and Austin 6, and thought their family was complete.
On the last day of school, Shelly was walking into her classroom when a family she once taught was outside her door.  They were with their children, including a child they had recently adopted through Reece’s Rainbow.  Over the next couple of months, Shelly read the family’s blogs, Reece’s Rainbow blogs, and other family stories of their adoption journeys and began thinking about adding to their family.  After much conversation and reflection, Andy and Shelly feel led to bring Jessie home to love, to cherish, and to celebrate her life.    Their family creed: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.  They have been blessed in so many areas, and want to make a difference for this little girl.  They are taking a complete leap of faith, but are confident this is the road they are meant to travel. 
Please join me in praying for this family as they bring their newest daughter home!!! :) One less orphan in the world!!!!!!! :) :) :) 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Help! Help!

**EDIT** I added this onto my facebook but I wanted to clear up exactly WHY I want to go back to El Salvador! My post came across as kind of selfish reasons... Of course I DO want to go back but also there is an obligation I feel to go back. You see, these children have been let down and hurt by many people in their lives. When I left them I told them that I loved them, that I cared for them, and that I would pray for them. Now, I feel like I have to PROVE that to them. I want to go so that I can give these kids some love that they normally don't get. Some joy for their usually joyless lives. I want to make them smile when they typically have nothing to smile about and I want to pick them up and hold them when they are used to staying in their beds/chairs all day. I cannot imagine having to wait until June or July to hold sweet little Carlos in my arms again. Or to show Daniel at Cisna that I do really care for him. I want to GO!!!!!!!!!! Will you help me??? Or maybe you are feeling like YOU are supposed to go!!! If so, let me know! I can hook you UP! :) Thanks sooo much! Also, if the Chip-In does not work or you prefer to send me a check directly, please let me know and I will send you my address!!! :) **