Thursday, September 2, 2010

Help! Help!

**EDIT** I added this onto my facebook but I wanted to clear up exactly WHY I want to go back to El Salvador! My post came across as kind of selfish reasons... Of course I DO want to go back but also there is an obligation I feel to go back. You see, these children have been let down and hurt by many people in their lives. When I left them I told them that I loved them, that I cared for them, and that I would pray for them. Now, I feel like I have to PROVE that to them. I want to go so that I can give these kids some love that they normally don't get. Some joy for their usually joyless lives. I want to make them smile when they typically have nothing to smile about and I want to pick them up and hold them when they are used to staying in their beds/chairs all day. I cannot imagine having to wait until June or July to hold sweet little Carlos in my arms again. Or to show Daniel at Cisna that I do really care for him. I want to GO!!!!!!!!!! Will you help me??? Or maybe you are feeling like YOU are supposed to go!!! If so, let me know! I can hook you UP! :) Thanks sooo much! Also, if the Chip-In does not work or you prefer to send me a check directly, please let me know and I will send you my address!!! :) **

I don't really know how to start this post.... but here goes. Like I said in my previous post, I have been praying for God's answer about me going to El Salvador in October. I have prayed and realized that if God wants me to go then His answer will be in provision. If He wants me in El Salvador in October then He is going to HAVE to provide the money for me to go. I've never worried about money for a trip but have never had to come up with it this quickly. I could sit around and wait on it to fall into my lap (which very well could happen) or I could come to you, my dearest friends, and see if you are willing to send me back to El Salvador! I don't really like to ask for money. I don't really like to ask for help. BUT, I know you all followed my latest journey. I know you all loved the kids that you saw in the pictures. I just can NOT wait to get my hands on those sweet and precious children again!!!

I am adding a Chip-In at the top of my page for your convenience! Please please pray and consider contributing to my trip!!! I assure you that if you contribute and I see that I will not have enough for my trip in October, then I will put the money away and save it for my next trip (which will be in June!!) or I can give it to the ministry to take on this trip to buy things for the kids. :) Which ever you would prefer! And I'm gonna pull a low blow and attach some pictures of the kids! :) Please consider contributing! Any amount will be GREAT! :)

And you KNOW I absolutely can NOT wait to get my hands on this little boy!!! I can feel him now!
I just want to pick him up out of this bed!
This sweet boy has been in and out of the hospital since we left him in July! :(


  1. Just wondering how much it would take to get you there. I want to pray big on this one!

  2. Had no idea you had a blog...this is great! Looks like Carson and I are has been a beautiful, crazy, God day! Will be praying for you.


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