Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's just say....

I've neglected my blog! I have been a TERRIBLE blogger here lately. I've not wanted to do much since I've been back to work. The kids have been wild as monkeys  sweet as pie. :) They have acted like they've NEVER been in school before been just as good as gold and done everything we've asked.... :) So, since school has started back, I've taken countless naps, made a trip to Nashville with my sister (LONG overdue!), been to 2 wedding showers, 1 wedding rehearsal, ceremony, reception, 1 baby shower, spent time with my roomie, gone back to teaching GA's, signed Manny up for soccer, visited with my Starfish team whenever possible, hung out with Chris Topher (he was here from El Salvador), made a new friend Leah (works at Ridgemont and is my neighbor!), painted a couple canvases, started 4th grade :) (sometimes I feel like Billy Madison), watched a friend leave for college, gone to the fair, watched minimal television, etc. And not in that particular order! So as you can tell I've been a little busy. :) But I just felt the need to catch you up on my life...

Hil and I at the David Gray and Ray LaMontagne concert! Very good!! :)

Us with Ed! :) We had such a good time!

Hil and I with our long lost sister, Sarah!! :)
It was so good to hang out with Chris while he was here!
I made this for Allison. She wanted a couple to hang in her dorm room! :)

My newest friend, Leah! She's a ton of fun and is going to Florida with me! :)
That's one BIG tractor tire!!! :) 

Good luck at Union! We'll miss you!
Hil, Gracie (the "fwowa guhl"), and me before the wedding! It was my step-sister, Shelly's wedding!
She did a good job! :) Made it halfway, turned around and went back! 

And Tanner was cleaning up her mess!!! haha. He wiped all the flowers off the runner!
My sweet step-daddy and the beautiful bride, Shelly :)
They left on this as "I'll take ya for a ride on my big green tractor..." played! A little redneck but very sweet! :)
Hil, Kayla, Brea, Shelley, and I at the reception! :) 

So, there's a snidbit of my life over the last few weeks! Now, I am praying about going back to El Salvador in October!!!! I REALLY WANT TO GO! But, not sure if the Lord wants me there on this trip. I am going to Florida the following week and would be gone for 2 weeks! That means leaving Ann for 2 weeks. I had just about made up my mind that I wasn't supposed to go and then the desire and ache hit me all over again. Not to mention, Laura (leader of Starfish) telling me that everytime she thought about the trip she saw me there, and that she felt I had unfinished business with Carlos! So, would you join me in praying that the Lord would show me the answer clearly and that I will be willing to listen to Him even if it is a no. Plus, that if He says yes, that He will provide. If I go that means I will need about 1300 dollars in a month! I want to do His will. I've been "itching" to go back.

Please, also pray for these families that are adopting. So many are in the "final" stages of their adoption and are weary, tired, exhausted, etc and just want to have their kids HOME!!!!!!!

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