Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finally back to the trip...

I realize that you may not be too interested in the details of the trip but I am doing this as much for my memory as for your entertainment!! And of course, so that the orphan crisis can be made known. You can do something! We all can do SOMEthing! :) So... without further to do... Day 5 continued....

We took a break from San Martin and a few of us walked over to the Aids/HIV orphanage. It was a bright and happy place considering every child there either is HIV+ or has Aids. :(

The kids are all happy...

and SILLY!!!! :)
They were all working hard on school work. :)
Sweet little dancin' girls :)

She is SO pretty. She is handicapped pretty severely and these ladies were doing physical therapy on her.

In April, George (in this picture) went to ES and met this sweet little girl. She has full blown AIDS. They have given her less than a year to live. George fell in LOVE with her and has prayed diligently for her since he left. When we went, we weren't sure if she'd even be alive or how she'd be doing... We went in to see her and she was playing really shy... George just loved on her while she was in her bed. He said that he knew she was ok and that was enough. Cassidy told George to have no regrets so he went back in and picked her up... 

How happy do they look!?!?! So sweet. It was one of the MOST precious moments on the ENTIRE trip. George said this moment was worth every penny it took him to get there. I agreed. 

After George told her bye and we walked out the "Tia" told her to come tell him bye again. He turned around and she RAN into his arms... It was the. most. precious. thing. ever.!!!! She felt so loved for a few minutes and I pray she NEVER forgets what that felt like!!! 

He was being shy!!! 

There's that handsome face!!! :)
They are so happy and have so much fun... 
Then we went over to the Squatter's Camp. It is a village made up of homes made out of sticks, plastic, cloth, mud, whatever they can find. We took around bibles and bags of food. We also documented which houses needed plastic the most. We took the houses that needed it the most plastic to keep out the rain.

All of this family lives in one room probably smaller than most bedrooms in our homes. Right after this picture, the baby spit up all down my shirt!! :) I didn't really care. :)

I love going around these places. It reminds me so much of Nicaragua. We also prayed for each family. It was so humbling to hear their prayer requests. Which were NOT for better homes or material possesions. It was for work and safety for their family. These people  have nothing but know that God provides their NEEDS. 

We were talking to this man and I told him that I was from Tennessee... And in English, he asked me what part of TN! After some talking we figured out that he once lived in Springfield, TN! What a SMALL world! :) I wonder how different his life is going from TN to a Squatter's Camp. He seemed happy, though. 

You can kinda see part of their house, here. That's all it is.
 This ended up being one of my favorite days! I loved it. It was a LONG day but so worth it. The week was quickly winding down... I tried to SLOW it down!! It didn't work. haha.

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment and for sharing about yourself too. What a fun time it looks like you had. A fun time filled with serving others. That's the best kind of fun! =)


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