Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 5! One of the most FUN days.

Thursday was one of the most FUN days that I had on the trip. We went to San Martin. It is a special needs home for adults. At first, while they were in their rooms, I got a little sad and maybe a little grossed out. They are just like kids but in grown up bodies. I had to train my brain to think of them as children. We toured the whole place before we did anything else. This is the sad part. Seeing how they live day in and day out.

He liked my hair :) 

This is David aka "Wassupp" :) Play the video to see why! :)

He would repeat anything you said! :) He was so sweet. When I asked him how old he was, he told me that he was 2!!! I asked him again later just to see and he said 2 again! :) Poor thing thinks he is 2! :) It's kinda sad but you have to find the humor in it!

In there sewing class they were making these pretty things. On one side they would put a picture similar to this and on the other side they put a starfish and the word "Starfish". Of course the team bought all of them! :)

She was so proud of her shoes. :) 

After we finished the tour, we got to the really FUN part. Puppet shows and music! :) They had so much fun. And so did we!

Playing close attention! :)
Not sure they really knew what to do with the camera! :) haha

Here is a video! :) The boy in the black and yellow kept telling us his name was Michael Jackson! He even requested that we play Thriller! So, we did! :) It was a BLAST! If you listen closely you can hear Mr. Wassup say it again! :)

They also got to do the t-shirt craft! It was probably my favorite group to watch making their shirts. They tried SO hard and did their very best! :) It was sweet!!!

Take 1

Take 2! That's more like it!! :) haha. This was by HIS request that we take the second pic!

Sweet Mabel! :)

David aka Wassup! :) I think he knows what letter his name starts with! :)

After this we a few of us left San Martin and walked over to the Aids/HIV orphanage. I will do that in another post. While we were gone a couple of the men (Robb and Jody) played Boo-Boo doctors! They let them line up and show them boo-boos and Robb and Jody would put neosporin and band-aids on them! It absolutely made their day!!! :) Robb also told them that they needed "two pickles and a peach Nehi" to get all better! They of course had no clue what he was saying but it became a slogan for our trip! We even stopped on the way home from the airport to buy Peach Nehi's but they didn't have any! :(

When we came back to San Martin they all had their shirts on and we got to do a pinata! :) They were sooooooooo excited!

I just LOVE this picture. :) 

Is he not SO handsome?! I feel so bad for him. Rudy does not have any mental disabilities. His only problems are physical. He is miserable at San Martin. He says he doesn't have anyone to talk to and that no one cares for him. Kurt and Laura are working on getting him moved to somewhere else. Please pray for him. He told Jenny (one of our wonderful Jesus-loving translators) that he had tried to kill himself. We gave him a bible before we left. I pray that he reads it and feels God's love so THICK around him. 

I kept telling him how handsome he was. He just blushed! :) But don't you agree??

After San Martin, we went over to the squatter's camp. It is much similar to what we work in in Nicaragua. I will also put that in another post! This was a BUSY day!!! :)

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