Friday, August 13, 2010

Beach Day!! Day 6...

On Friday, Day 6,  a missionary friend of Kurt's allowed us to use his beach house to bring orphans to for the day! He does not work with orphans but rents this beach house and said that he would love to see it used for children like this. How sweet?! And, this beach house was nice!!!!!! It had a swimming pool, beach access, lots of yard, etc. We got to bring the special needs children from Cipi, along with toddlers and a few teen moms and their babies. We had an absolute AWESOME day just being able to see these kids have no worries and just have FUN. We all kind of "claimed" a kid so that we could keep up with them. But once we were at the beach we took "turns" watching the ones that required more attention. I claimed Carlos, of course!! :) This was probably one of my favorite days of the week.

This baby boy snoozed good anytime I had a hold of him! 

Love it!

Getting in the water! The rougher, the better!

The Pacific Ocean is NOTHING like what we are used to in the Gulf!

He felt like mine that day... I did everything for him. 

Orsy and sweet Salvador! Orsy was wonderful that day!! He got Salvador and took care of him ALL day which in NOT easy. He has such a servant's heart!

No-No and George! He was one we had to "share" cause he could WEAR you out! :) 

A few of the "tias" came with us to help! They had fun, too!

The girl and boy on the outside are brother and sister. They had only been at the orphanage a few days. They weren't sure why they were taken away from home. 

Snoozin' good!

Antonio had SO MUCH FUN!!! He didn't care if the water knocked him down or not... he could NOT get enough!!!! He absolutely loved it!
Ernesto and Jody giving the water a try! He absolutely loved it, too! 
That smile was worth it ALL! 
No-No loved it, too!!!!
Sweet Carlos feet :)
Can't get in the ocean?? That's ok, Orsy will bring the ocean to you! :) 

Think he liked it!?
One of my favorite pictures from the WHOLE trip! Love it. 
Lunch time :) We had chicken! These 2 boys ate theirs and walked around to find more! Who could say no to those faces?! I couldn't and Antonio ate the rest of my chicken. :)

He also stole my Pepsi! I love this picture! It should be an ad for Pepsi! :)
Here's a good view of the house! It was huge!
We had some fun in the pool, too! :)
These girls had an ABSOLUTE blast!!!!!! :)
Carlos and I decided to chill on the beach for a while longer. :) This is one of my favorite pics, too. He looks so content! 
Before we left, we put most of the kids in brand new clothes! 

They looked like normal kids. These looked a LOT better than clothes too small or pink or old and faded!
Ernesto looking handsome :)
Looks like Antonio has snatched someone else's Pepsi! :)

Mother and Daughter
My man and me. :)
On the bus ride home, everyone CRASHED!!!!

We had an absolute wonderful day at the beach. It was so amazing to witness these kids have so much fun. No worries. Just room to play. To be free. We felt like they were ours. We took care of them all day. Changed their diapers. Fed them. Bathed them (When one pooped down his leg! Yea, I got that job!). Sunscreened them. Swam with them. Held them. And, I'm telling you now, it was one of the HARDEST things I have EVER done in my life to let go of Carlos and put him back in his crib. A crib that didn't even belong to him. In a place where no one really loves him. Where we had no clue when the next time someone would pick him up would be. I know I am not the only one to feel this way. We got to experience a piece of what their lives COULD be like. It was tough. So very worth it, but TOUGH. I cried that day leaving him like I haven't cried in years. I seriously left a piece, a very big piece, of my heart in that crib that day. I  hope I NEVER forget this day.

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