Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 4 of El Salvador! :)

On Wednesday, we worked with the Fuller Center. The Fuller Center is a lot like our Habitat for Humanity. They build new houses in 3 days.  In this particular community, the Fuller Center is building these houses because many were lost in mud slides! They are also opening up a daycare. The reason is that most of the parents in this community have to travel pretty far to work. This means that they are leaving their children home alone for hours on end. Building this daycare center will serve 2 purposes. Obviously one is childcare. The other is offering a few ladies in this community a job close to home. They asked us to come in and train these ladies how to run a daycare! Rachel, Laura, and Ryan did the job. :) They did a very good job, too. Even handed out certificates at the end of the day. :) While they were doing that, the rest of us played with the kids! It was a nice change to get just a few kids and give them some attention.

This sweet boy is only 10 years old and takes care of his little sister all day. He and  his brother walk for an extra hour each day before school to take her to an aunt's house! I hope this daycare changes things for them. Here he was changing her diaper. And did a darn good job!! :)

We put on our puppet show and gave out snacks. The kids were so good that we allowed them to do their own puppet show! They were so good! :)

This is good!! :) 

While we were playing with the kids, the men were helping plaster in one of the new houses! I'm glad someone worked hard that day. 
This is hardly work but I had to look like I was doing something! :) They are alot cuter to carry around than sticks!! :)

It was a pretty chill and relaxed day. We got to just hang out a lot and get to know our group a little better. :)

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