Monday, August 2, 2010

Carlos Update!

Yesterday, Chris went to see Carlos and not only was his mother there, his dad was there, too. What a mess?! Chris said that his father was pretty ugly about the whole situation. Just to keep things calm they made them all leave. Chris didn't get to see Carlos long but noticed that he had a rash. They are guessing that his rash was from meds. They didn't seem too worried about it.
Today, however, Chris went in and Carlos was out of his bed. The director of Cipi was there and was holding him! You have NO idea how bad I wished it was me holding him!!!! But I am thankful that someone is there to hold him.

I'm sorry for the poor quality but these are taken on Chris's cellphone and immediately updated to Facebook. Doesn't he look SOOOOO sweet?! I miss holding him! Have I mentioned that I LOVE how he puckers his little lips!?
I am so glad that the Lord put people in this place to love on Carlos. 

You'll notice that his breathing tube and mask are both gone! :) He looks so much better.

Keep praying for him!

And here is Chris and Carlos. Chris was so glad to finally get to hold him! :) They both look pretty content! 

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated, he looks so much better. I am praying hard for this little angel!!! God is so GOOD!!!!


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