Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carlos Day 4

Today my sweet Carlos was MUCH better! Hallelujah! I am so glad. Chris went in to see him and was thrilled at how well he was. He said he looked better than even the day we took him to the beach! :) It made my day!
Eyes are open and getting some smiles today! :)

Here is Chris giving some love to Carlos! :) I'm so glad he's there! 

Chris in his "batman suit" as he called it! :)

Carlos' mom showed up again today. She got permission from the judge to see him. It's a sticky situation but Chris says there is no way she can get him back. So, I'm not sure what her concern is now. I'm sure it is a tough situation all the way around. Please pray for the right things to happen and that will keep Carlos as safe as possible. I know his orphanage is not the best place in the world but I don't believe with his mom is either. I don't know if he knows it is her or not. I kinda hope he doesn't. That will be tough on him emotionally if she keeps coming around. :-/ So, pray for discernment on all accounts. She has permission for today and tomorrow. 

Now's it nap time. Sweet dreams. Dream of us on the beach! :)

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