Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2 of El Salvador! :)

Ok, so day 2 started out with a trip to Cami. Cami is a school for special needs. The kids here are not orphans. Except for 2. The only reason we came to this school is because of one very special little boy. This little boy is Juancito. He has got to be the. cutest. kid. ever. :) The very first mission trip that Starfish took to ES, they met with the people over La Casa (an orphanage). While there, they were told that all of the kids were at school. But they kept hearing some banging or hollaring or just noises. Everytime they heard a noise the workers would mumble under their breath, "Juancito!" Finally, they asked, "What is Juancito!?" The workers told them that it was a little boy who did not get to go to school because he was "special needs". The orphanage could not afford to send Juan to school so he stayed at the orphanage all day by himself. They asked to meet Juancito and when they did they fell in love. He could not speak and was 4  years old. The Starfish team decided that this little boy HAD to go to school. They could see the potential in him. They came home and decided to pay for Juan to go to school. That was 3 years ago. Now, little Juan is doing SO well!! He even gets to transfer to a regular school in January.

We had so much fun at Cami. We put on our famous puppet show and drama. They colored and they got to show us their classrooms. It was a VERY nice school. I enjoyed it. This little guy is Eduardo. He was such a loveable little dude. Can't you tell?

Sebastian was in Juancito's class. He had such a sweet smile.

After we looked through their classrooms, we had a little BIG dance party! They LOVED it. And so did we. :) We danced for probably an hour! :)

Here is a video for you to enjoy! :)

It was a good day at Cami! :)

After we left Cami and got lunch we headed to a Catholic orphanage. The team had never been here before but some kids that they knew had been transferred here and they wanted to see them. It was a very nice place. We didn't get to stay long but we had fun while we were there. Even though, it's a nice place these kids are still without love and families.

This is the girl's room. Very neat and clean and matching. But still, I cannot imagine having to share a room and not have any personal space.

I loved their little matching shirts. :) They were such sweet little girls. We then went to the cafeteria, did our puppet show, made balloon animals, and gave them all a snack. I played with this sweetie. Her name is Valentina. Isn't she gorgeous?!

We then went to the special needs room! Some of these kids had been at Cipi (the orphanage we were at on Day 1) but got transferred so they had more room. These are the kids some of our team was wanting to see.
These kids were so precious. We just picked them up and loved on them for a while.

She was such a little cuddle bug! :) Natalie was her name and I did NOT want to put her down!

It was a good day! :) So much to take in. It can get very overwhelming! But I am so blessed to be used by God to love on these kids that His heart breaks over!


  1. Merany, I loved the dance video. Precious pics....

  2. What an awesome dance party! So glad you were able to go on this trip.


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