Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer, Birthday, Mission Trip...

I CANNOT believe that my summer break is HALF over! :( I am usually gone most of the summer and it goes by fast but I feel productive. This summer, I've done a LOT of nothing. Don't get me wrong, I've been busy! But it just hasn't seemed to amount to much. I have enjoyed it though because we have spent lots of time HERE...

I was glad to see my sis for a few days!! (She's been in Nashville for the summer!)

And I've gotten to spend a LOT of time with these kids... :) Reminds me of summers in high school when I had them ALL. THE. TIME. :) Now, they are so grown. :(

Gracie has discovered that she LOVES to tell you to take a "pikdur". :) 

We got to go to "Granpa's" house (who is my dad) and spend Father's Day. 

Gracie loved picking the apples!

She's pick and eat... pick and eat! 

She had to show Pa (like he didn't already know about them! It's his yard. :)) But he was happy to oblige. 

There were some apples way up high that Callye and I wanted. :)

They had SO much fun in the dirt! :)

That has been about the gist of my summer! But I've enjoyed it. :) And, this week I will be 24! What is the big deal about 24? I'm not too excited about it. Although, if I admit, I love the attention that you get when it's your birthday! :) haha.

Then, on the 16th, I am leaving for El Salvador!! I'm very excited, but also a little nervous about my trip. I'm not nervous about traveling or being gone for a week, or even going with basically strangers. The thing I am nervous about is my own heart. We are working strictly in orphanages. You see, I know how I feel about them just looking at their pictures, and I will be seeing them face to face. Holding them. Playing with them. Loving them. and LEAVING them. I already ache thinking about it. But, it is reality and I am doing what God is calling me to do. I know if it makes my heart ache it sure makes HIS. But my prayer has been for God to break my heart with what breaks His. And boy, is He gonna do it. That is what it requires for us to act like He has called us to act. I am so excited to be going somewhere that the Lord has called me to go. Please pray for me!

So, I've been in a blogger funk. I follow so many blogs of adoption, families with kids trying to keep families informed, or people that are just awesome at blogging... but me, I don't feel like I have much to blog about! So, I will give you what I have. It may be boring but I am blessed... and speaking of boring but blessed, that used to be my blog name... As you can tell, my blog looks a little different! I warned you this would happen! I also renamed it to Life to the fullest. Because although our lives are all drastically different, as long as we are living the life God called us to live, then our life it the fullest it could possibly be! :)

I think I have GOT to be the most random/scattered/mixed up blogger in this "Blogosphere". 

AND...Enough of the rambling run-ons....The End. :)


  1. Oh Merany, you are a great blogger! Your heart for Jesus just shines so bright and that is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Just knowing you has taught me alot and inspired me. I will be praying for you!

  2. Did you coin the term "blogosphere?" I think it is pretty clever. Either way, I think you have plenty to blog about! Love you!


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