Friday, July 30, 2010

Carlos Update :)

Chris just informed me that I need to update you on Carlos. Today, Chris went again to see him. They have worked with some attorneys and such and they have been granted permission to visit Carlos anytime and for however long they want. :) This is good news. The more love that he feels the faster he will recover. :)

Chris called this the A-Team! :) 

Carlos is still having a lot of congestion! Today, they cleaned out his lungs. I can imagine that Carlos was NOT happy about it. But I sure pray that it helped.
I wouldn't be, would you? 

He was also running a little bit of a fever today. They got it under control before Chris left him. In the middle of their visit there was a riot outside of the hospital! Crazy. 

They had to evacuate the hospital for a little while. But thankfully everything ended up ok. I guess. :-/

Chris says that all the nurses are just falling in love with him. He's a charmer for sure. :)
The doctors and nurses seem to be pretty happy with his improvement. Doctors say he is doing a lot better now....his only problem are his lungs and running fever, he has antibiotics and the nebulizer for the lungs. He is breathing on his own and can make eye contact and squeeze hands really good. :) I sure wish I was there for him to squeeze my hand! God has given me much peace about not being there with him. I still WANT to be with him but God has placed Chris and Lorena there with him. I'm there in spirit! God is still faithful. :)

He's waving Goodnight! :) Don't stop praying for him!!! And for Chris and Lorena. The doctors and nurses.

Also, Chris said Carlos had a roommate at the hospital and that sweet baby passed away this morning. I don't know the whole story but Chris said he was neglected. He's with his Heavenly Father now and being loved and adored.

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  1. Merany,
    Your so awesome. God is so awesome. How he has used you in this way is something people only dream about. I am so proud of you. I only wish I could be more like you. Wish I could do something to help these precious children, besides praying. I have an extra room; I can bring one home with me :)


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