Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I pause the trip details to....

ask of your prayers tonight. My little buddy, Carlos is sick and in the hospital in El Salvador. He is the one that I formed the strongest bond with while I was there. When I saw him on Saturday, I knew he wasn't feeling well. He is having a lot of trouble breathing, needs blood, and his liver is not functioning properly. They believe that this is stemming from being over medicated and sedated for TOOOOOO long. :( My heart is absolutely breaking being here and not there. I want to be there. To love on him. To pray over him. To make sure that all is being done to help this little man. How different would this scenario be if he were here and in a loving family?? How many people would be at that hospital? Praying over him? Loving on him? Talking to doctors and nurses and making sure that the decisions being made were the right ones? I am thankful, though, that one of our interpreters, Chris, is there. He is the one who informed me of Carlos' status today. He visited him and is looking after him. I just wish I was there, TOO. I do realize that God is faithful and God is with him. But I wish I was there to physically lay my hands on him and pour my love over him.

On Friday of last week, we got to take some of the special needs kids from Cipi to the beach. We had them ALL day. Out of the orphanage and in REAL life. We saw a glimpse of what their lives COULD be like. I had Carlos all day. He felt like mine. I changed him, fed him, sunscreened him, held him while he slept, played in the pool with him, etc. It was the hardest thing EVER to take him back and put him in a crib that wasn't his own. And now, I am here and he is there. I wonder if he is scared, lonely, sad, hurting... If I had the money, I'm pretty sure I'd be on a plane to El Salvador right about now. I ask of your prayers tonight for sweet sweet Carlos. Pray that he can feel real tangible love and peace.

Doesn't he look so content and happy in my arms?! I pray that he can remember that feeling of being held and loved on and that he feels it now while in the hospital all alone.


  1. Praying, baby sis. Love you.

  2. Praying for that sweet little angel.

  3. I will definitely pray for this little guy. What a sweet boy. Please, God, let Carlos feel Your arms around him right now.

  4. Thank you for sharing your love---praying for your new little buddy. You were not paired with him by accident. Praising the Lord!

  5. Praying God's very best for him!!!


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