Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pray for Aaron....

and for Aaron's family!!! ***UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!*** After being awake at 4 a.m. and praying for this family and checking their blog 923732 times this morning they had a post about court!!! They were in court for 5 hours!!!!! A grueling five hours, they said. 5 hours of them asking and drilling them with all the things they could. They had about decided that they were going to get a "no" or a postponement. BUT finally the judge looked at them and said these words..."I feel God led you to adopt this boy, so I feel God leading me to decide in your favor!" That, my friends, is the Lord God Himself softening hearts and doing His thing. Glory to God! So, Aaron will officially be their son, on Sept. 20! I'm not sure if they are going to stay in Eastern Europe until then or come home and go back. If they do come home, that will be 3 trips there and back! So, definitely keep praying for them!!!

Aaron is an adorable little boy in Eastern Europe.... another Reece's Rainbow prince! Aaron is already in an institution. :( But because of Molly, Aaron has a family now!! Molly found Aaron on RR and just knew that she had to help find his family. Well, The Nalles' stepped forward!! They have worked SO SO SO hard to get Aaron home. They are over there right now on the 2nd, and hopefully last, trip. You see, Aaron is in a region that has NEVER had an adoption take place. They don't know anything or have any other adoptions to compare it to. Aaron is going to have to go to court with them and be asked if he wants to have them as his parents. Aaron will be scared and nervous since he has never spent much time outside of the orphanage or institute. They, facilitators in the country included, really don't know what to expect from court. They have all the faith that the judge and other people involved will legally make Aaron a part of this family. This is all gonna go down about 3 a.m. our time tonight (well technically tomorrow) but while you're sleeping!! PLEASE PLEASE join us in praying that the judge will see how much love the Nalles' have for Aaron and how much they want him as a son!!!! Aaron HAS to get out of the orphanage in order to LIVE. Please click here to check out their blog!!!

You can tell here that Aaron's "disability" is physical. He is mentally FINE! So it is SO crucial that he get out of that institution! 

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