Thursday, September 30, 2010

Post of many topics :)

So, yeah, I've been slacking on my blog. I look at it every day and think to myself, "You need to blog"...but I don't. I read everyone else's instead. :) There are a lot of awesome things going on with my blogosphere friends.

Number 1- Aaron  is home!!! :)

Don't you remember my post about Aaron? Well, the Lord has brought them all home safely! :) That is so awesome!

Number 2- The Salems' had a fundraiser for sweet Yulia from Reece's Rainbow. The Salems adopted 2 little girls from the same orphanage as Yulia and saw how desperate her situation was. She is literally living in a crib. Her time is running short and she will soon be transferred to an institution. She will not survive. But the awesome news is that in 5 short days The Salems GOD raised $20,000!!! So whenever (this is what we're praying for) her family finds her they're adoption expenses will be pretty much covered!!! :)

Number 3- While looking through Reece's Rainbow the other day, I saw something sad. Well, all of it is sad. But I noticed that my Catherine (a little girl who I am prayer warrior for) was moved to the "Older Girls" page. :( Do you know how many people will overlook her now that she is considered "older"?! Her time is so crucial. She cannot stop herself from getting older! :( I am not giving up faith yet. The Lord has a family for her, I know it!
Isn't she a doll?!
Number 4- In 48 hours, I will be in El Salvador!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) I know that I posted a LOT about wanting to go back in October. Well, The Lord provided (through a few VERY generous and obedient givers) and I am going. And I can't wait. I want it to go by slowly, though! I want to have LOTS of time to love on the kids! :) I can't wait to see my Carlos!

And Douglas,

and Daniel,

and Samuel,

and NoNo, and Antonio,

and Ernesto,

and Salvador,

and Henry,

and Jose,

and Luis,

 and Fransisco,

and Wilbur,
and Michelle,

and all of the others! haha. :)

And ya know, sometimes I feel so far from the Lord. In those times, deep down, I know He has not gone anywhere. It's me. For some odd reason, I stray. Why, oh why do we stray from the One or ones who love us the absolute most?! Is it because we know Their love is unconditional? I just don't get it. The One who has done the MOST for me is the One who I don't have time for! It is just ludicrous. Each day, I am striving to get my prayer life where it should be. Each day, I am striving to get my time in with the Lord. Each day, I am taking it one day at a time. I fail so badly, though. I just don't get why He puts up with me. But man, I am glad He does! One thing I do know is that He has put a passion in my heart, and I must follow it. I'm following it to El Salvador for now. For this week. But, that's not gonna be it. I feel it. This passion of orphans is gonna stick around for a while. It's a case that doesn't go away. It's a case that the Lord is broken over. So, we must be broken over it, too! How are we to do HIS work without feeling a portion of what He feels? I am going. I am following. I am listening.

And.....I think I'm caught up now! :) I plan on posting from El Salvador so stay tuned!!!! :)

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  1. I propose that next year we go to the Together For Adoption Conference! (It's all about taking care of the orphans and would be an awesome place for you to connect/hear about other ministries to orphans.)

    Here's the website:


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