Monday, May 3, 2010


In a previous post, I talked about Darla. My mom was Darla's prayer warrior. Darla has been commited to by a family!! :) We were so thrilled. But, I realized that I have never shared my little girl with you. Her name is Catharine, she was born in December 2004. It says she is calm, affectionate, and sociable. I have been praying for this little girl. Praying that God will protect her, give her her needs each and every day. Praying that the family that God has matched with her to find her and go after her. She has no voice of her own to find her family. They must find her. I ask you to join with me in praying for her. She is older and will face an institution, SOON. How sad! She deserves love, attention, a home, and a family!! She did NOT ask for this life. She has had no choice. :(

Isn't she a doll??

As I was looking on Reece's Rainbow today, I realized that although many of these kids are being found by their families, there are still kids being born and added to orphanages every day!! We, as Christ followers, have to do something about this. It may seem like a never-ending cycle but we must not give up! We may not be able to change the world for all of these children but to a few of them, we can change their world! Are you a family that God has matched with a child? Have you just not taken that leap of faith to bring your child home? It may not be a child on Reece's Rainbow...but they still may be out there! They can't find you. You must find them!!!!

Sorry for the tangent!

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