Monday, May 17, 2010


I am asking your prayers for Chrissie. She is 4 years old and adopted from Serbia. Her family and she live in Texas and I only know them through blog world. I have been following them since April 19. That is the day that Chrissie had open heart surgery. She should not have lived past birth, much less to 4. This family adopted her less than a year ago, knowing her severe heart problems and needs. On the day of her surgery, she died. The doctors  God brought her back. She died again a few days later. Again, God brought her back. Miracle after miracle He has given her. She had progressed MILES, and amazingly has had no brain damage that they can tell from CT's. The last couple days she has taken steps backwards. She has a clot in her heart that is restricting blood flow to her right lung. She went from the ventilator back to the oscillator. Which is a much more powerful machine to force O2 into her lungs. Today, she has become septic. She has infection in her blood. This is not good. I ask you to pray to our Jehovah Rapha to save her once again. Today marks 29 days in the hospital. I can't imagine. This family has 4 other children. One of which just came home to the USA from Haiti. They are one of the most faith-filled families I have ever seen. God has done things for Chrissie that only He can get the glory for. No doctors, nurses, or parents. Him alone. That is how He works. So, pray that He continues to do things for Chrissie that only He can do. So that He may get the glory!! Visit their blog here.  Leave a comment so that her faithful mother can know you are there and praying!!! I will also attach a picture of this cute little princess!

Pray for this sweet little life to be saved for the glory of God!!!

********This is by far, the condensed version of her story!!! Please visit their blog and go back and read ALL the miracles that God has performed for this sweet sweet child of His.

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