Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Memory Monday! (on a Tuesday!!)

Ok, so I'm aware it's Tuesday and I'm just now posting Memory Monday. Sorry!! :) This week I am remembering Gracie's (my neice) first few months of life! Wow, she just turned 3. It seems like forever ago but at the same time it seems like the other day!!! Enjoy the pics!!!

This was one of her very 1st pictures! If not the first. :) 

She was not happy here!! Which, in time, we realized was the usual!

I bought her these mittens... I loved them! Got Milk?

She was probably about 2 weeks old here. 

This was Mother's Day. Callye's first one. She was dedicated at church that morning. :) She looks so tiny in that carseat!

Expressing herself, which she is SO good at!!! I loved the robe and slippers!!! 

Haha. This is so sweet.

Relaxing on her Aunt Mer which has now become her "Juju"!! We just thought we had names picked out for her to call us. None of us turned out the same. 

"Cutie" I love it!!! She was so cute! And still is!!!

I remember this night! She chewed on that toy forever!! She still has it and sleeps with it. :) It's a little pink giraffe. 

It's crazy to go back and look at these pics. She has grown up so much in the last couple months. She is such a big girl now. Potty-trained and no paci anymore. :( Kinda sad. 

Here's a pic of now so you can see how much she's grown!! 

That is her with Jessie and I watching Manny's baseball game!

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  1. Very easy for me to cry when I look at pics of my girls as babies. I blinked, and now they are 9,8,6, & 2. I really have enjoyed each of them...I have a lot of precious memories.


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