Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Mickey!! :)

I saw Mickey today on Reece's Rainbow. I thought he was just adorable! He is almost 5 so he needs a family, SOON!!! I wish I could bring him home. :) Just thought I'd share about Mickey because he caught my eye!
Isn't he a DOLL??????

This is what Reece's Rainbow says about him:

Boy, Born June 2005
Special need: Down syndrome (no heart issues)

This very sweet young boy was born June 2005. He has down syndrome. He is well loved by his foster mother and father. He was a dancer in the orphanage performance. Whenever he hears music he starts dancing. He was cooperative and happy. He can wash his face if his foster mom gets the towel ready and can do other self help skills. He can feed himself and. He can pull his pants up and down. He has good speech and can say many words. He pulls his chair to the table when it is time to eat and he will clean his mouth after he eats. He is kind when he plays with other children and does not take their toys. He likes to run around and play with balls. He is very curious and likes to watch large machinery outside. He loves cars and will play with them and watch them out the window for long periods of time. He was described as a “happy, curious and lovely child.” He is healthy and energetic. He is friendly to others and sensible! He does not have any heart issues.

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