Monday, May 10, 2010

Memory Monday!

Today's Memory Monday is going to be my very first trip to Nicaragua!!! This is where I absolutely unexpectedly fell in LOVE with this country and missions in general!! I had NO idea how much I would absolutely love this kinda work. I thought I would go, love it, and be ready for the U.S. after 7 days gone... but I ended up staying 5 extra days and then going back in October for a week!! It changed my life. I loved the kids, the people, and the whole country!!!! Enjoy the pics. :)

Mom and I on the plane!!! :) 

We made it to Nica and the driving is CRAZY!!!!! 

But the scenery was GORGEOUS!!!!

My first friends!!! Emmanuel, Jon-Franco, and Gabriella!

The kids at our VBS. It was fun and CHAOTIC!!!! :)

The 1st night of Crusade. Hilary and Joseph had witnessed to this man and invited him to our crusade and that night, he accepted Christ!!! :) :) :)

Hilary and Kristin with some sweet children that accepted Christ at the crusade! These people were so hungry for Christ!!!!

Sweet faces of Nicaragua!!! 

2nd night at the crusade!! These were 2 of our interpreters: Michael and Helday! 

Hilary with Mike and Rebecca! We fell in love with these 2. They are precious friends!

This was at Las Tias! One of my favorite places!!! :) It is a protection center for children whose parents work and they are left home alone. It is kind of like a Boys and Girls Club here! It is SO SO SO much fun!!!! :)

More silly boys at Las Tias!!! 

I love this picture!!! These kids live in the VERY poorest of the poor places. But they are SO sweet and loving!! :) We did a feeding center here. These kids usually only get to eat when there is a feeding center offered. Which is usually about 3 times a week! 

This is Michael. He became a very good friend. He translated for us the whole time. :) I still stay in touch with him!

We made so many new and sweet friends! I love the people of Nicaragua! I am so sad that I won't be there this year but I will be in spirit!!!

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane!!! :)

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