Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Praise! :)

Do you remember Jessie?? The little girl that I was a "warrior" for back in March?? I asked you to consider donating to her adoption fund? Some of you did! Some of you prayed for her! Well, guess what I found out!!!! She has a FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) I am so happy!!! This goes to show you that nothing is in vain when God tells you to do something! Her family seems so SWEET! Jessie will actually be "Sarah" when she gets home with her family! :) And she has an older brother and an older sister!!! She will be so LOVED! :) You can visit her family's blog here. Here is what Reece's Rainbow says about her new family!
Andy and Shelly both grew up in Lima, Ohio, but met while Shelly was teaching for Andy’s father.  Four years later, they were married. After living in Pittsburgh for a year, they relocated to the Columbus, Ohio metro area.  Shelly is an elementary teacher, with a passion for helping students make a difference in the world around them.  Andy is an Applications Development Manager for an analytical instrumentation company.    He loves adventures and traveling.  They have two children, Addyson 7, and Austin 6, and thought their family was complete.
On the last day of school, Shelly was walking into her classroom when a family she once taught was outside her door.  They were with their children, including a child they had recently adopted through Reece’s Rainbow.  Over the next couple of months, Shelly read the family’s blogs, Reece’s Rainbow blogs, and other family stories of their adoption journeys and began thinking about adding to their family.  After much conversation and reflection, Andy and Shelly feel led to bring Jessie home to love, to cherish, and to celebrate her life.    Their family creed: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.  They have been blessed in so many areas, and want to make a difference for this little girl.  They are taking a complete leap of faith, but are confident this is the road they are meant to travel. 
Please join me in praying for this family as they bring their newest daughter home!!! :) One less orphan in the world!!!!!!! :) :) :) 


  1. Your praying for our little girl in March began the journey to lead her to us. April and May began a roller coaster of disappointments for me. I know now that I needed those to be ready to "see" something beautiful outside of my comfort zone. You made a difference and I'm forever grateful for your advocating for her. Now, I'm filled with gratitude daily.

  2. I just read about Aaron's new family, and Jessie's new family. WOW. Just amazing what God does.


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