Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So far So good!

And of course it's good... I'm with the children I love! 

Yesterday we went to CIPI again! We love going to CIPI. :) We, of course, spent LOTS of time with the special need babies. We literally sat in the floor for hours holding, hugging, kissing, singing to, and being hit, bit, hair pulled, spit on, sat on, and we loved EVERY minute of it! :) 

I just LOVE this kid! 

Fernando and Jose-Luis kept us on our toes for the most part... Fernando liked to snatch my phone while we were listening to music and Jose-Luis likes to pull your hair! 

Fernando wore my sunglasses for a LONG time and also put them on every other kid in the area. :) 

We brought Marvin a new outfit! Marvin is 2 and 1/2 and this outfit is 0-3 months! Needless to say, Marvin is TINY. But he is such a little doll. He has such a sweet and contagious laugh. 

We also went and played with the toddlers and babies. They were WILD! Lilly and Malarie played "Monkey in the Middle" for the longest time while I played with a couple of CUTE little boys! :) We had fun. I'm pretty sure the tias were ready to choke us! :)

Then we went to the teen mom area. There are several teen moms at CIPI right now. And some precious precious babies! I spent a lot of time with Alejandra and Axel. Malarie and Lilly spent some time with a few others girls and their babies. 

The girls love to have someone to talk to. I can not imagine what most of the girls have been through! It is hard to find the words to make them feel better and to make them feel loved! We try and try to tell them and show them that they are loved by Jesus and that He has a specific plan for their life and for their baby's life! It is so hard for them to see that at this point in their lives. They have so much responsibility and they are so young. And many of them did not get pregnant because of making bad choices. They didn't have a choice but  yet they are raising a baby while they are still kids. I can't imagine. 
Alejandra and Axel :)

We got to talk and share with a few of the girls yesterday and I hope and pray that they feel the love and peace of our Heavenly Father. The ONLY person who will NEVER let them down. 

Today, we went to CISNA. CISNA is the all boys' orphanage. I was so excited to get back and see the boys! I got pretty attached to several of them.

It was sooooo good to see them again. But there were several of them that were no longer at CISNA. Some had gone to live with family, while others had run away. I am just so thankful that the Lord always knows where they are. 

We spent most of the day just hanging out with the boys. We played soccer, played pool, played video games, and foosball. We also gave out TONS of hugs and love. Some people may not think this is mission work but I know it is. The Lord tells us to love one another as we love ourselves and I know we ALL love to have someone to hang out with us and spend some time with us.

These kids deserve to be loved and they deserve to have our time and attention! And they crave it. :) 

We also handed out some of the jewelry today to the tias at CISNA. They LOVED it!!! :) And they were very grateful for it. Thanks to all who donated that jewelry! :) 

Tomorrow we are going back to CIPI and gonna love some more on those kids. One of the babies in the Teen Mom area is turning one tomorrow! We didn't think we would be there on his birthday but since we are, we are hoping to get him a cake and have a little party! His mom was excited about his birthday! :) 

Please keep up the prayers! We are loving our time here but still feeling tired from the traveling, I guess!

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