Thursday, April 22, 2010

I knew I named this blog right!

It's been a few days since I have blogged. Not that I haven't been following all my favorites!!! :) I love blog world! haha. I just wish I had something cool to blog about everyday. Like cute kids, an adoption journey, or if I were overseas updating my friends and family!!! Which I follow blogs of all of these categories. But I can express my heart on here. Even if no one reads it!!! I will have it later to read myself. :)
If you don't already know, I've moved out!! :) Yay for me for growing up a little!!! But, it wasn't quite the situation that I had in mind. :) I am living with an amazing man whom I married on the best day of my life an old lady.  :) And when I say old, I mean OLD. She's 92. haha. She lived at my mom's facility for over 3  years. We all have loved her since we met her. She's never been married nor had kids. She has no one to really care for her other than a few close friends and neices and nephews. All of whom, can't or live too far away to take her in. The situation is that she has run out of funds to live at the Etheridge House. Which meant the nursing home for her. Well, If you knew her you'd realize that she is FAR from nursing home material. Her mind is GREAT and she functions pretty well independantly. So, Mom asked me about possibly getting an apartment or duplex with her. I thought and prayed about it that day at work and everytime I did the verse from James popped in my head. It says: Religion that God our Father finds pure and fautless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress... Ok, That verse had been on my heart for weeks but all I ever heard was the orphans... not widows. Coincidence? I don't think so. I knew that was my answer. I told mom the same day that I would. Skip a few weeks of talking with her neice, moving, buying stuff and now we got moved in this week. :) She's been sick and worried about everything that I have to do for her. She's asked me a million questions about a million things. But, I know she is just trying to get settled. :) It has really helped me to slow down, be patient, listen, and be responsible for things I'm not normally responsible for. I really believe that this will be a blessing for me as much as her. She told me last night that she wished she had a million dollars to give me... Aw. But I told her if she had a million dollars she wouldn't have to be moving in with me!! She's so sweet and it's so good to be able to love on her like no one ever has. (other than family)
Also, this has answered many questions about why the Lord didn't want me to go to Nica or Souled Out. :) I get it now. I am still going to El Salvador, though, in July. My sister will stay with Ms. Ann. I know the Lord called me to missions and I feel like Ms. Ann is my first one! I'm excited to do for her and love her like Jesus would be.

Sidenote: I have been following a handful of blogs who are overseas waiting to meet their chlid, overseas waiting to get over the 10 wait, overseas waiting on flights to resume, and here waiting on the day to come to go meet their child. Also, a couple who have recently made it home with their child. I am so intrigued by each step of this journey. :) It excites me and honestly makes me check their blogs like 2971 times a day!!!  And pray for them more than I do myself. I still know that one day I WILL adopt. :) Can't wait.

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