Monday, June 20, 2011

This is me updating my blog. :)

I feel like I should update my blog but I have so much to say and not the time to say it.... So here's the shortened recap. :)

Just got home from Souled Out Church Camp on Friday. 2 weeks of nothing but AMAZING time in the Lord with His people and children. Loved every minute of it!

Friday Night the whole family  headed to the lake to spend the weekend. We had a good time. Just got to chill with the kids, sisters, brother-in-laws, and parents. Lots of swimming, fishing, and playing cards. Good quality time. :)

Sunday I spent the evening with my Dad for Father's Day. I really enjoyed the time I had with him. He cooked a good supper and we played some cornhole :)

Today starts the mad race of trying to get all of the stuff together and packed for El Salvador. Which is in 5 days! We have supplies all over town that need to be gathered. We have members of our team all over the Southeast. It's crazy. :) Gotta get money turned in. Passports turned in. Find someone to drive us to Nashville in the middle of the night. And so on....

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