Friday, July 15, 2011

So far in ES.

So far my time here in El Salvador has been great! I am LOVING being able to form relationships with the kids, tias/tios (the ladies/men that work at the centers) other teams, Salvadorians, and others I randomly meet! 

Having the kids call you by name and run to you excited and jump and hug you is an awesome feeling. I am positive that it blesses my heart way more than it could possibly bless theirs. I am just loving it. I love the children.

I am just praying that I will find exactly WHAT God wants me to be doing while I'm here. While I love being able to just go and hang out and love on the kids, I want to do more. Do more to make their lives better. Do more to make the jobs of the tias/tios easier (they work SO hard.) Do more to show them my love and most importantly, God's love. 

This past week we spent a lot of time at CIPI. There I got to spend time with the special need angels, the little boys, and the teenage girls! I love it at CIPI. You can spend time with anyone you feel like. I hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, will be working some at CIPI. Going to help out with the special need kids. They are a LOT of work and there are only 2 tias with them. They are precious but require a lot of time and attention. I am hoping and praying that I can LOVE on the babies and also help out the tias and give them a breather. Atleast one day a week!

Please continue to pray for me that I will be open and listening to God's Word for my time here. This is a time where God can reveal so much to me and I want to be completely open and obedient to what He says. I am beyond thankful that He has allowed me this time. He orchestrated it from the beginning! It was all Him. And I trust that He will provide spiritually, financially, and emotionally for me during this time! Thanks! 

Thanks for keeping up with my journey! And pray that I learn some more Spanish!! :)


  1. Hi Merany,
    I am a friend of Callye's :). What you are doing is amazing and I just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and will continue to pray for you and all of those children. You are such a blessing. Much love is being sent your way. ~Jenn <3


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