Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 1-Part 1

I'm realizing that I don't have the time nor energy to blog daily about my trip. I wish I did! So I will do weekly posts, hopefully!! :) 

Week 1 was a great one! I really really really enjoyed my mom, sister, and friends being here! It was so awesome to watch it become "real" in their eyes. 

We spent time at San Martin. Which is one of my favorite places and turned out to be one of their favorite places as well. :) Here are some pictures. 

Me and the 2 most famous men at San Martin!

Marvin loves to love! :)

Sweet Rudy.

Praying for the Tio and his back problems.
If he has music, he is happy!

Poor sweet boy.

He's 16 but that didn't stop him from being loved on like a little boy!


Dancing with my Rudy! :) I love him!

Marvin was OUT!

Juancito loved to spin me!

Pablito giving glory to God for healing him.


Tuesday we took the special need kids from CIPI and Guirola to the beach. They LOVE the pool and that is where we spent most of our day. :) 

Hilary and Miguel chilling :)

Sweet Caesar

Brandi loving on Ernesto. :)

Everyone loves Miguel!

Feeding them some good chicken!
I saw Caesar again on Friday and he asked why I fed him chicken and not pizza! I am going to try and get him some pizza soon!

Fernando ate his and every one else's chicken!

Cookie time. :)

They love the pool.

This is a long enough post so I'll stop here for now! :) To be continued...

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