Monday, September 26, 2011


I have been back in the States now for a week. 

The Lord knew what He was doing when He planned for me to visit friends in Columbus before coming home. 

It gave me time to adjust back to the culture, language, and COOLER temperatures while having fun and being busy and laughing! 

I loved spending time with good Christian friends and sharing my stories with them from El Salvador! 

And it has been a smooth adjustment back to Home with my family. 

I sure LOVED seeing my sweet niece, Gracie! 

And of course, little Manny, too! 

And my sisters, mom, step-dad, dad, Torres kids, Albright family, kids at school, residents of The Etheridge House... they were ALL great to see and visit with again. It was like 3 months had not even passed. 

It was nice to go back to my home church. I was welcomed back warmly and encouraged greatly. 

And EVERYONE'S reaction when they see me is... "How long are you home for?" or "When are you going back?"

A little more confirmation to me that my time at home is more of a visit than starting my life back here.
I will not stop thinking of my babies in El Salvador.

I miss them each day.

I think about them often.

I pray for them daily. 

I can't wait to get back and work with them again.

Seeing kids like Christian react so well to some love, attention, and stimulation makes me want to go back tomorrow to continue that and see just how much more he will respond! 

He was laughing with us before I left to come home. 
I don't want that to stop.

I know it is nothing that I am doing... but the Lord...but I feel responsible to go back and work more with him and others children like him. 

The Lord has placed a passion in my heart for special need children and I want to follow it! I love working with them in El Salvador! 

I don't know how long I will be home for. I am trying to make the most of it while I'm here.

Gonna share about those children as much as possible... make some money to go back on... and treasure this time that I have with my family and friends! 

 Thank You, Lord.

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