Saturday, March 24, 2012

The ebb and flow of Life.

My blog has been awful quiet lately...

But that doesn't mean that my life has been quiet!

I have been working 3rd shift for the Etheridge House and also subbing in the school where I used to work.

I am enjoying both jobs but the two together make it a little tough.

I am spending as much time as I can with Gracie and Reid. They are both growing and changing everyday.

Gracie is maturing and growing and just getting too big for herself! She will be 5 in just one month! I can't believe it!!!

She is so funny, dramatic, stubborn, goofy, sweet, and  contorlling! Same as she has always been! And she is being a GREAT big sister!! :)

Little Reid is just the sweetest and most handsome baby ever. :) He is calm for the most part with just enough fussy moments to make you remember that he is a baby.

My evenings are usually spent with my sweet Clint. I enjoy being with him no matter what we do.  After both of us running around all day, we enjoy just watching some Bones, Law & Order, or 24 on Netflix. :)

 We are both praying and trying to figure out what the future holds for the two of us. Where we want to live, where we want to work, etc. The joys of growing up! I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)

My mom and Hilary are both finishing up school! Hilary will graduate with her Masters degree on May 5 and my mom will graduate the same day with her Bachelor's. They have both worked SO hard and I am so proud of the both of them.

Callye and Brad are doing great. Getting used to having a family of four. But they are doing awesome at it. I am proud of them, too!!

My step-brother and his wife just had a baby boy, Eli. I haven't met him yet but I am sure he is so sweet. :)

And my step-sister and her husband are expecting a baby boy in July! My family is just gonna be full of boys after this summer! It's about time... we've only ever had girls!!

Manny has started baseball again this year. :) He is playing on a Troy team and so far he is really enjoying it! He is growing up so fast and I pray that he will grow to be a good and honest man.

As for El Salvador, I was really hoping for a trip in March. But it's just not gonna happen!! Plane tickets jumped up, I was working, and I just couldn't get it to work.

So now, my friend Hailey and I are going in May. She will stay one week and I plan to stay 2 weeks. It is so hard to go now and only get to stay for a few days! Please be in prayer for our trip! I can't wait to get back and love on the kids. I miss them like crazy!

Life is great and I'm trying my best daily to live it to the matter what I'm doing or where I am!

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