Monday, January 21, 2013


I am aware that I am WWWWAAAAAYYYYYY overdue for an update on my blog!!!!

It has been so so so long since I have posted.

The main thing that has happened has been my wedding! Which was 3 months ago!! hahaha. I though it was about time to show you pics of the big day. :)

We could not have asked for better weather or prettier scenery!

Billie Dee did an AMAZING job!

Hil prayed during the ceremony. :)

And Gracie peeked during the prayer :)

Callye read from Ruth.

We made it! :)

We had an absolute BLAST!!!!!! It was perfect and wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing. I am so blessed that my wedding was laid-back, stress-free (for the most part), fun, perfect weather, etc. We had many more people come than we expected but we were so glad to have them!!! :) We felt loved. So loved. And we are so thankful! :)

And the three months since has been WONDERFUL!

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