Friday, September 21, 2012

Engagement Pictures!

So... we are 4 weeks away from our big day!!

It has been so fun to buy and plan and soon we will start putting all of this together for decorations and such!

It is all coming together... :)

My only wish is that the weather will be nice since we are having an outdoor wedding. It is a beautiful place and I am so hoping the weather cooperates. We do have a back up plan but of course I want my first choice!! :) haha

A few weeks ago, we drug Clint to Obion and Trimble while Callye snapped a few pics of us. He hates pictures but he did cooperate and they turned out good! The weather wasn't great and some of the qualities aren't great but my photographer is awesome! Even if she is my sister! :) We had a 5 and 10 year old with us too so the distractions were there as well. :)

Here a some of our pictures!

Most of these pictures were taken on the old condemned bridge that goes between Obion and Trimble. We used to walk this bridge a lot when I was a little girl and it made for some great pictures! A great spot!! :)

Thanks Callye! 

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  1. YOu look gorgeous, Merany-Jo!! As usual! Congrats to you and Clint. I cannot wait for the Big Day pictures!!


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