Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm not sure if anyone reads this...but please pass along if you do!

A Call for Help!
This is Lera!!! She lost her family that had commited to adopt her!! Due to circumstances beyond their control, Lera is now available for adoption again. AND We need to find her a family QUICKLY! She was on a time crunch before and is even more so now! Are YOU one of the MANY families who have fallen in love with this precious girl? If so, NOW is the time! Lera has $8,605 in her account! That's a HUGE start on funding your adoption! Please please please! If YOU could be Lera's mommy and daddy, don't let this moment pass you by! Single moms ARE accepted! For more information, please email Andrea at bamaroberts@comcast.net. Hurry!! She needs YOU!! Look at that SWEET face!!!

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