Saturday, August 6, 2011

Still here. :)

Well things are still going great here in El Salvador! :) I'm still loving it and can't spend enough time with the kids! 

This past week, I had a few people from home come to stay! Brandi, Julie, and my sister, Hilary! It was so nice to have a taste of HOME here. 

There were only a few of us but we did a LOT in 4 days!!! 

Hilary and Brandi came with our team in June so they loved getting to see familiar faces! :) 

We spent time at CIPI, CISNA, and San Martin. We took some of the boys of CISNA to the fair and to eat at Wendy's on Tuesday and Thursday. We had a great time! We love those boys. :) 

At one point we had 20 people in Jenny and Ernesto's van! :) It was a blast though! 

We also showed the boys the movie Facing The Giants. They enjoyed it! :)

As you can probably see, we had a great week! I really enjoyed Hilary, Brandi, and Julie being  here! And a HUGE thanks to Jenny, Ernesto, and Lilly for all of their help this week! :) 

Thank you to the team for all the sacrifices and work that they did for the kids here. They appreciated it and so did I!! :) Love them!

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  1. I am proud of how God is using you, Merany! I see how He uses one to lead others, then more, and then more, to come, see, smell, feel what it is really like for these people in a country with very limited opportunity. As the network continues to grow, more hearts are broken, more eyes are opened, and thus, more hands are helping!!!! We all have SOMETHING that we can do or send or give for them! I have told so many people that we actually, in America, probably throw away more in a day than they need in a week! Clothes, food, money, paper products, school supplies, personal hygiene items, EVERYTHING!!!!I am seriously thinking about starting to coupon so that I can accumulate needs for them!


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