Thursday, April 19, 2012

In His Time

6 months ago today, I went for a ride with Clint to talk. 

We had to talk about our past together, and possibly a future together. 

I had no idea what to expect. 

This boy who had had my heart in the past was here... wanting my heart once again. 

I was scared of him. I was scared of giving my heart away again... 

I was scared of being vulnerable. 

We had had such a crazy and hurtful past together but yet the Lord was changing my heart for him... He had been preparing me for a while to give Clint another chance to have my heart. 

Clint and I had dated twice before with neither time working out and ending badly. 

I had given up on him. 

I look back now and see how God was working... 

How neither of us were ready to be together completely. 

How I needed time to learn my calling in life... 

How Clint needed that time to learn to be himself in Christ.

Now 6 months later, here we are. 

He has my heart now... 

All of it.

And he takes such good care of it.

I know now that he will always take care of it.

I love him more everyday.

We have been through a lot together but it has only made us appreciate what we have now, now that it is our time.

The Lord's time is right. It is perfect.

The decisions made in mine and Clint's past were not right...

But the Lord took our wrongs and made them right... In His time.

And I'm so very thankful.

I love you, Clint.

You have my heart forever.

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  1. Happy for you and love you.....praying .....Orfe


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