Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm back!

I'm back in El Salvador! 

And as excited as I usually am to be here, this trip started out a little rocky.

Even before traveling here I was nervous and fretted about coming back... 

I'm not sure why. Maybe has to do with a sweet new baby nephew that I was leaving behind... or a sweet boyfriend that I was leaving behind... but anyway...

I thought once I got gone it would all be ok! BUT... My flight from Memphis was super delayed... storms...more fuel...Atlanta was too busy to leave... 

All that resulted in my connection being missed in Atlanta... That normally wouldn't bother me but my friend Hailey was in Atlanta waiting for me. She couldn't change her ticket so she had to fly out without me. 

Hailey has never been to ES. She didn't know what Kurt looked like... She didn't know where to go in the airport or how to get through customs. She didn't have a clue about ANYthing! 

That bothered me worse than anything. And it bothered her, too!

But thankfully, she was able to get wifi on the plane and message me through facebook. I was able to give her all the info she needed to get through the airport and find Kurt. :) 

But I was stuck in ATL for 5 hours then had a flight to Orlando and THEN to El Salvador. 

Once in Orlando I switched airlines from Delta to Taca. No big deal except for the fact that Taca was WAY across the MASSIVE Orlando airport and I had to find the ticket counter, get a real boarding pass, go back through security and THEN find my gate. 

I made it to ES finally at about 6:30 PM. I was originally supposed to land at 11:45 AM! 

So I make it through customs and go to find my luggage. Then I hear my name called over the speaker to come to the luggage desk.... That couldn't be a good sign!

So, yea, NONE of my luggage made it. I had nothing but my backpack. 

No clothes, no shampoo, no toothbrush, nothing but my laptop and purse. 

So first off we went to Wal-Mart to buy underwear and a toothbrush! :) And I borrowed clothes from Hailey. 

So, the funk I was in coming did NOT get any better once I got here...

All I could think was that the devil SURE didn't want me here. 

But on Monday, I finally got my hands on some sweet kids and that of course made me feel much better! :)

Our first couple days have been good. We've been tired but getting back into the swing of crazy ES traffic, and loving on some sweet kids! 

Trampoline time with some WILD girls!

Sweet girl consoling her baby sister.

Sweet Machado!

We went to San Martin on Tuesday only to find out that all of the kids 18 and younger were moved to a different center. While that makes the jobs for the Tias/Tios at San Martin MUCH easier it was very sad to not see some very good friends. Hopefully we can visit them in their new home soon!!
Sweet Juancito! Notice his shirt! :)

We took Rudy and Chepe to lunch with us! :)

We took Rudy and Chepe to lunch with us! :)

 And 2 days later, my luggage finally made it! :)

And it was Sweet EJ's 4th birthday! And since I missed his party because of my missed flights, we celebrated last night at Wendy's! 

It's good to be back and to see familiar kids and friends! :)

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  1. Hillary parked beside me when she brought Manny 2 his game last nite... thought of u. :)



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