Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Loves.

 I really don't have much to write tonight other than I've really enjoyed spending time with the kids....

The centers are more picky now about taking pictures so I don't take as many  you can see... I do sneak a few. 

Maybe that's why we spend so much time on the trampoline away from eyes that could see us taking pictures!

These pictures are all out of order but it was too much trouble to fix them! 

These are all from the last couple times we have been at CIPI.

Trampoline time usually turns into cuddle time... and I'm perfectly ok with that! :)

 I brought a new outfit or shirt for each kid in the special needs area. This is Maybeline in her new outfit :)

 Jose-Luis in his new shirt. :)
I had bought Lyonel a 24 month sized outfit! He has grown SOOOO much since December. This shirt is a 5T!! :) 
Nelson didn't really want his picture made... He wanted me to hold him!
 More trampoline time... :)
 Sweet Anderson. He is a baby of a teenage mom. 

 Mom and son :) They all have boys except for one.

 We were there on Saturday and it was this sweet baby's 1st birthday! We took him a crown, cookies, and a new outfit! (Actually it was the outfit that was WAY TOO small for Lyonel!)
 I told you we spend a lot of time on the trampoline!
Sweet Maybeline. :)

Little Marvin had been in the hospital for over a week... He just came home today!
 And he was happy to be back!

 Luis-Antonio in his new shirt :)
 Maybeline and Hailey!  

Machado in his new shirt! He didn't want to look at the camera!

This picture does NOTHING to show how really excited Fernando was to get his SpiderMan tshirt! He jumped up and down and was SO happy. That's the best 4 bucks I've ever spent!

 Sweet baby Josue on his birthday!
We ALL love trampoline/cuddle time!

I only have a few more days here to love on the kids. And I am determined to hold nothing back. The devil has tried hard to keep me frustrated or to keep me from enjoying my time here but I will NOT let him rob me of my last few days here. Please pray for me to love with no abandon these next few days. 

After I leave there is one week off for Kurt and then 11 weeks straight of teams! So these kids will be getting plenty of love over the summer! :)

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