Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weddings and babies and life!

I'd say it's been a while since I've posted!!

Although, life sure hasn't slowed down!

Since I last posted many exciting things have happened. 

My most favorite thing is... 


My sweet Clint asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! 

We are planning to get married on October the 20th. :) So let the wedding planning begin! 

Speaking of weddings... My best friend, Hannah, got married this past weekend! 

I spent the week with her in Arkansas and helped her prepare for her big day! Everything went smoothly and we had a blast!

The bridesmaids and ring bearer! :)

Since Hannah is a Souled Out friend, we also got to have a mini Souled Out Reunion! 

Got to hang out with Chris Trammell who is actually the match maker of Josh and Hannah!

Since Doug did part of Hannah's ceremony, I got to see him, Amy, and their wild crazy boys!

It was good to see Brian Cohen, too!

And it is ALWAYS awesome to see sweet Hailey!
It was so good to see everyone but it was also good to get home! And it was awesome that Sarah and Hailey came to visit for a few days and were able to meet my family and Clint. :) 

And I can't forget to tell you that I have a new nephew!!

The day I left for Arkansas, my step-sister, Shelly, had her sweet baby boy, Levi! 

And now the daunting task of finding a job shall resume.... 

My least favorite thing!!

But in the midst of that I still am trying to love and live every moment to the fullest... 

Watching babies growing up...

And loving the life that I have been blessed with! :)

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