Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All but the burning bush!!!

So, this will probably not come as a surprise to many of you, but I finally surrendered my life to the ministry/missions. :) :) I have felt this calling for quite a while now... I have not really ignored it but just not done anything about it or told many people. The Lord has been placing that on my heart for a while now. I have blogged about it but other than that I've not talked too much about it. The last few weeks, though, it has been super heavy on my heart. Not only that but the Lord has been telling me through other people that this is my calling for life!!
One example is Doug. Although Doug doesn't really count because he is always telling me what I'm gonna do with my life. haha. :) But, he is usually right. Another person is Dana from work. I walked in last Friday and she looked at me and said, "Merany, I was thinking about you this morning and the Lord told me that you just need to go ahead and surrender to the ministry and be a missionary overseas!!" Hello, God! :) I was a little caught off guard by that! Later on Friday, I was chatting with Ms. Darylon Poe. She stopped me and said, " You seem to really have a heart for missions. You should be a missionary. And some people talk like they want to do that but you, I can see really doing it!" Hello again, God!! :) On Saturday I was at the HOP (House of Prayer) in Union City. We were worshipping the Lord and just singing and such. Then, Mr. Gorton got up to pray but first he said that the Lord had laid it on his heart to tell us that the Lord was speaking to one of us in there. That He was calling us to make a decision... to pick up our cross and follow Him! I felt the Lord speaking to me yet again! I prayed again that night and to myself I surrendered to the ministry. After the service, Gareth asked me if I felt the Lord speaking to me during that time. Of course, I said yes. Because He was. LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!!!!! Garerth said that he had prayed for me during that moment. I talked to mom and Hilary about this when I got home. They weren't surprised since I had been talking about this for some time now. And last night at revival, Bro. Steve was preaching on decision making. And how some decisions mark the rest of your life. Not only that but they affect the lives around you. Your family, your friends, people you will meet. At the end, he talked about how some of us were being called to make the decision of surrendering to ministry. I felt God talking again. He let the invitation be for anyone making any type of decision. For salvation, recommitment, surrendering your life to ministry, deciding to be a better spouse in your marriage, etc. I knew that I had to make it public last night! I was torn because NO ONE in my family was there. I had almost convinced myself to wait til Sunday when they'd all be there and as soon as I did, Bro. Steve said "some of you are trying to convince yourself to wait til next week or whenever!" OK!!! I HEAR YOU!!! :) haha. So, I went forward, talked to Bro. Jerry then Bro. Eddie. Bro. Eddie said he was not surprised at all! But he made me tell the church and make it public. I did that and everyone greeted me afterwards. It was such clarification that EVERYONE'S reaction was that they were not surprised!!! haha. :) I did it. Now, I'm gonna be held accountable. Now, people will pray for me on the where/what/when. I have no idea what's next!! But, I know God will tell me when He's ready for me. :) I told Gareth and Mom that God did all but send the burning bush to tell me that's what I needed to do! Here am I, Lord! Send me!!!


  1. Very cool! Following the Lord into the unknown will be such an amazing adventure! :)

  2. There is nothing better or more exciting than following God's plan for your life! I wish I had known that at your age. :)

    Can I make one suggestion? Could you use a darker font on your blog? It's very hard to read your posts and I really want to. :)


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