Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, How He loves us so!

I've been wanting to blog lately but haven't felt like I've had too much to say. I know one thing, though. This weekend I really felt the love of God. This weekend I went to Outback University in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My friends Gareth and Seth invited me to go. I am SO SO glad that they did!!! I had a blast! It was the most amazing weekend. So different than anything I've ever been through. It was an outdoors event (yes, it was pretty chilly!). I was lucky and blessed enough to get to sleep indoors, however most campers and staff slept in tents! This weekend consisted of strong and deep teachings. Not the everyday talks that you hear at church or camps. They were really "real life" talks. How to live your life day to day with God as your focus. These people that spoke were true vessels of God and allowed Him to use them. It was powerful. They "preached" almost all weekend. But it was NOT the type of "preaching" that you dread. I was looking forward to more!! They talked while we ate, before breakfast, into the late night hours... And then talked some more. I had to chance to meet yet more friends from other places! I love that. It was super refreshing for me to see true Godly men. Not just christian men...But men who ask their buddies what the Lord revealed to them this week or how the Lord has been working in their lives. There were few "sports" conversations... or girl conversations... They were deep, meaningful, and concerning conversations between friends. But anyway.....

If you remember from the previous post (and if  you don't just read it!) I was a little down about being single! This weekend the Lord spoke through the speakers and showed me that God is in LOVE with me. That no earthly love will fill that void! If I don't let God fill it, I will never be satisfied! I was feeling lonely and looking for Earthly love to fill it. It ain't gonna happen!! They used the phrase over and over that if we will focus on our vertical relationship (ours with God) then our love will overflow to our horizontal relationships (ours with others on Earth). I HAVE to focus on my relationship with God!! Have to! It's a must!!! And I'm in constant battle with myself to stay out of the way!! To do things for God's glory and not my own! I feel like I've been saying " I, I, I, I" Well, I guess I have!! But it is how the Lord touched me this weekend!!!!!!!!! Although, He worked in so many lives in SO many different ways!! That is just how big our God is! :) Ok, there is SO much more I could share but I'm pretty sure you are getting tired of reading! I am getting a little tired of typing! :)

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