Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny Things :)

As most of you know, I work in an elementary school. There are many different things I hear that just crack me up!! I thought I'd share a few and also put them in writing so I don't forget them!! :)

  • One day while talking about volcanoes...the teacher in our room mentioned the "Ring Of Fire" (the volcanic ring that goes through South America) and C said "hey...Johnny Cash sings the Ring Of Fire! It's on my brother's Ipod." haha. Yes, he does!!!
  • Manny has a ton of funny sayings... One day while in my room at home, Jessie and Manny busted in... Jessie said "it's the FBI!!" Manny said "It's the CPR!!" hahaha. I said "The CPR???" he said "I meant to say the FBI!" Yeah, I'm sure you did!! haha.
  • Another day at my house (with all the Torres Kids)  we were all eating supper and Manny disappeared for about ten mintues. Figuring he had gone to "take the Browns to the SuperBowl", as he calls it, Jaime asked him if he stunk it up and Manny's reply was "Yeah, I think you need some air-conditioner in there!!" Air Conditioner?? Don't ya mean air freshener?!?! haha. :)
  • One of the little boys here at school has my heart! His name is Rolando (yea, you figured it out, he's hispanic!!) I love him! He's precious. And I call him my brother... He agrees that he is but the rest of the kids disagree. One day I called him my little brother and one little girl said "You can't be his sister, cause you're not BROWN!!!" haha. SO???? I can still be his sister! :)
  • In our 3rd grade classroom one of the little girls had a magic 8 ball type thing... She asked me to ask it a question so I did.... Then another girl asked it if Ms. Merany had a daughter... the kids' replies were "she doesn't have a daughter...she's not married!" then another little boys yelled "she doesn't even have a BOYFRIEND!!" why, thanks for the ego-boost today!!! :)
I am sure there are more but can't think of any right now! I may add some more later!! :)

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