Thursday, March 31, 2011

I posted here about fundraising for our trip to El Salvador. I just wanted to add something about that. Many of you that have adopted or in the process of adopting are very in tune with donating with adoption funds! I think that is awesome. It is such a huge need since adoptions are SO expensive.

But, I just wanted to share about our kids in El Salvador. Majority of the kids we will visit will never be adopted. Simply because they are not allowed to be adopted. For various reasons, most of the kids can not be adopted. It's so sad.

These adoptions that we are funding are for children getting rescued. Don't get me wrong, it's AWESOME! I get so excited when I see a family raising money to bring home their child. I help when I can.

But what about these kids that won't ever be rescued? Can't you help make their lives better? As better as they can get in an orphanage? Can't you help us do things that will make them smile? And better their living situations? Even if it's just CLEANING. But don't they deserve to have a clean place to use the bathroom? To sleep? To play?

Like I've said before, many of these kids have been with their families in the past. Many of them know what they've lost. Can you imagine their sadness that they feel? Don't the deserve something FUN to do to put a smile on their face? When they don't have much else to smile about...

Don't they deserve to feel special? To feel that they ARE loved? By us and more importantly by God? Don't they deserve to know they have NOT been forgotten?

I know not all people are called to GO.... but I do know all people are called to care for the orphan. It says it in James 1:27. I does not say "if you feel like it care for the orphan and widow"... So, you are called, my friend. Just like me. The Body of Christ works in the way that we all do something different. Just like our own bodies. Our hands do something completely different than our feet. Our eyes completely different than our ears. Etc... Some people go, so people give, and all people should pray. All parts are as important as the other!
If you want to GO then by all means, email me! :) We have some spots left. If you don't feel called to go, please do something! :)
Show these children they are worthy of love.
It will make you happy, I promise.

Will  you PLEASE consider helping us help them? Every little bit helps! We will take your prayers, FOR SURE. But don't you want to help us be able to do things while we are there to make their lives better? We are not asking you to help us pay for our trips! We are asking you to help them! Just click on the chip-in box at the top of my blog and donate!

Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus!

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