Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wanna Help?!

In June, yours truly is leading a team to El Salvador.

Ok, I've NEVER led a team of anything. I'm not a leader by nature. This is new to me. This is scary to me. And, I'm praying that the Lord takes care of us and allows us to do the things that He is calling us to do while there. 

Around our parts (wow, that was country) in this time of year there is a LOT of fund-raising going on for our Hometown Walk of Hope....which is an awesome thing. BUT with LOTS of fund-raising for that, means not much fund-raising for our trip. Ya know, people get fund-raised out.... 

So, I'm gonna make it simple for you to "chip-in" and help us raise some money to buy supplies and do things while we are there!! If you've read my blog for long or seen my facebook,  you have seen the sweet faces and the precious children that we will be working with... Don't ya wanna help make their lives a little bit better?!?! 

It's really easy for you to do! Just click on the chip-in on the side of my blog or on this post and make a donation! It will go STRAIGHT to our funds for El Salvador! The more money we get the more we can do for these children that deserve it! Thanks in advance!!! 

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