Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I started a post last night to catch all of you up on my life over the past few weeks... But before I post that, I need to post about Carrington. Carrington is a 3 year old little girl who just last week came home from Eastern Europe to live with her forever family. Carrington has down syndrome and was given up at birth. Most children in Eastern Europe (as well as many 3rd world countries) who have down syndrome or any other "special need" are given up. They are looked upon as a disgrace. As worthless. As wasted space in an orphanage. Ok.... back to Carrington...

When Carrington's family got  her home they realized just how dire her need was. She is 3 and weighs only ELEVEN POUNDS!!!! When they undressed her for the first time what they saw devastated them.

This is what was under all the layers of clothes... 

Immediately upon their arrival to the United States, her family took her straight to the hospital. The doctors could not believe the sweet girl was still living. Her body had already begun to shut down. The Burman family saved her life, literally. If they had waited any longer she would have died an orphan. How awesome  God is to send them to Carrington.

The doctors are working non-stop on Carrington. They have had some trouble keeping anything down her. Her sweet body doesn't know how to handle food.

At first Carrington could not hold down even 10ccs/hour. The doctors moved the NG tube directly into her intestines and bi-passed the stomach in hopes that her body will be able to absorb some of the nutrition and not continue throwing it all right back up. At this point, Carrington has not gained any weight, but she has not lost any either!! This is great news. And she is also finally holding her feeds at 10ccs/hour. This is an improvement!

Please pray for this sweet girl and her family. They also brought home another baby girl and the mother has yet to be able to spend time with her. They are all exhausted and stressed but they know the Lord brought them to Carrington for the very reason of saving her life. They love this new daughter of theirs and will do anything to make her better. It will be a LONG process but they're willing to fight! God will not leave them. Don't forget them in your prayers and I'll be sure to update when I can!

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