Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hilary :)

We had such a good weekend. Saturday was Hilary's birthday. She had asked to go to Paducah to eat. Since I have decided to fast from eating out through the month of January, I had to make an exception to go. I figured I could eat out for my sis's birthday. :) So, off we went. Mom, Callye, Hilary, Gracie, Myself, Eric, Jaime, Jessie, and Manny. :) It was an interesting day, not to mention the COLDEST day of the year! We went to Cracker Barrel. There was some snow on the ground, so prior to going in we had  a mini snow fight! The kids were so excited and loved hitting us with snow balls! We had a good lunch, in which, my Aunt Teresa, Uncle Dale, and Aunt Pam joined us for. They just happened to be in Paducah and wanting to eat Cracker Barrel so they joined us. :) Gracie could not eat her lunch for wanting the CAKE!!! I am sure she asked for it about 9873 times! Ha! Gotta love that kid! :) She's super strong-willed. Not to mention, if she says PLEASE, then you HAVE to give it to her. :) The kids enjoyed playing in the store... Most of them had not ever been to Cracker Barrel before. They thought it was cool to play checkers and with the toys in the store. We went back outside and had another snow fight! The kids had never seen the dam wall in downtown Paducah. So, we went to show them. They thought it was really cool. We didn't stay long since it was SO COLD!!!!

The girls from our youth group were having a bunking party at Brandi's house. Micah was out of town so she used that as  a perfect opprotunity to have a girl's night! :)  We wanted Jessie to join us since she had not gotten to know many of the girls yet. She had a good time. They had kinda turned it into a small party for Hilary. They had her a cake and everything! It was very sweet. We decided to go home at bed time because those girls were getting NO WHERE near ready to go to sleep! Jessie went home with us to stay the night.

We went and got all of the boys for church. After church, Mom cooked a HUGE lunch for all of us plus: Narika, her kids, Cory, Bethany, Danielle, Shelly, Justin, and Nick. We had a house FULL. :) It was very fun to fellowship. I just really enjoyed spending the weekend with the people I love! :) I am blessed.

Not a one of us had a camera so these are taken on our phones!! :)

Hilary and the Torres kids. :)

Hilary, myself, and the Torres kids in front of the river.

Sweet Jessie and me! :)

The "Core Four"
Jessie (in the Blue Hoodie), Eric (in the baseball  hat), Jaime in the black jacket), and Manny (in the orange jacket)

Hilary and myself :)

Mom, me, and Hilary
(Callye and Gracie stayed in the car. It was TOO cold!)

Sweet Manny and me :)

Eric and myself
 (Jessie decorated the picture on my phone! It says Eric and Merany with a happy face)

I hope my sister had a wonderful birthday! Sometimes plans don't go as we want but if you focus on that then you won't have the fun God intended you to! It was just fun to watch these kids do things they had never done before. As simple as it was to us, they loved it!

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