Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two times in one day!

So, I found it very refreshing to blog! I honestly did not think that I had anything to write about! Boy, was I wrong! :) Ha!

Right now, I want to take a minute and just talk about how cool it is to actually see part of God's plan unfold! As most of you know, I work with "C". He is in the 3rd grade and has asperger's syndrome. Well, while working with him I met Manny. You probably know Manny or heard me talk about him. I usually refer to him as my "Mexican Kid"!! I know, you are thinking that is wrong... :) Well, Manny is the 6th kid out of 8! So needless to say his mother does not have a whole lot of time for just him! He wanted to play baseball last year so I signed him up. I took him to his practices and games and he quickly found a place in my heart! Not to mention, my family's. He became a part of our family very fast! I started taking him to church with me. He loved it! Over time, he started spending the night some. 

This year, his brother Jaime has been wanting to go to church as well. So I've paraded into church for the last few months with my "mexican kids". :) Jaime is in the 6th grade and hilarious! :) He does not meet a stranger. So, he loved going to church, too. Our youth group was planning a trip to Gatlinburg and my mom wanted Jaime to go.  She paid his way and he was all signed up to go. 

They have another brother, Eric. Eric is a freshman in High School. Eric does not live with Manny and Jaime. He lives with another family that takes him to his practices and games. (They are all SUPER athletic!) Eric was home the Wednesday before Christmas and asked to go to church with us! Of course I said yes! He loved it! :) He, like Jaime, is very outgoing! Everyone loves them. Our youth pastor asked Eric if he wanted to go to Gatlinburg. Eric said no because he had basketball and I knew we could not afford to pay his way as well. So, we left it at that. Especially since the trip was on Sunday and this was Wednesday! We didn't have much time to plan anything. 

Well, Eric asked to go to church that Sunday, too. I left super early and went and picked up Manny and Jaime, then to Eric's. After church, we left Jaime at church, along with my sister who was going on the trip. Eric, Manny, and I met a friend for lunch. While at lunch, my sister calls and says that a kid got sick and could not go on the trip! They said if Eric could pack and get to the church in 20 minutes then he could go! So, I left Manny with Cory at the restaraunt and headed to Eric's. He asked the man he lives with and I called his mom. Both said it was fine for him to go! He packed SUPER fast and we headed to church. Some parents sent extra money for Eric since he had not planned on going at all. They buses pulled out of the parking lot as soon as Eric got on. 

Both boys had an amazing time on the trip! They skied, heard good christian music, had good wholesome fun! And best of all, both boys asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savoir!!! :) :) :) It was all a part of God's DIVINE plan for these boys to go on this trip! 

I say all that to say... God knew the future when He allowed C to have Asperger's. He knew that I would be his aide, would meet Manny, fall in love with Manny, then his brothers, and send them on this trip! All for them to receive Him as their Lord and Savior! 

Here are my boys!! 2 of which are my new brothers in Christ!! :) Hopefully, soon, Manny will feel the conviction to ask Jesus to come into his sweet little heart! :)

How awesome is it to see God's Plan!?!? :)

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  1. So glad you are blogging! And what a super cute background.



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