Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What do you do?

Just a question...
              What do you do when you have a job that you LOVE, but it just doesn't pay what you need?? I absolutely LOVE my job... not to mention the opprotunities it gives me to travel and do the things I love. It just doesn't pay me what I need. I find myself very strapped for money every month! I know I haven't always spent it wisely but after my bills it just doesn't leave much. Thank God that I can still live at home and not have rent or anything to worry with.... My hold up is, do I need to get a 2nd job? If I do won't that defeat the purpose of having a job that allows me to travel in the summers? I really feel that I am still where God wants me to be. I feel that C still needs me, as well as his family. I just don't know what to do... I wanna send money to Reece's Rainbow, and be a supporter of Doug's ministry, and pay for my Compassion kid without worry, and tithe without worry, and help people on missions, and have a little money in my pocket!! What do I need to do???? I trust God to supply and He does... but there is SO much more that I want to do but have no funds! I wish that I could find some kids to babysit on the weekends or afternoons... Or some elderly person who needs some assistance at night...Or something that I can do that doesn't wear me out or take away from C and my job here at school....  So, with that being said, any suggestions??? :) Thanks! :)  

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